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  1. Will be coming to Newark for the first time in nearly two years for game five! What's considered the best restaurant around the arena these days?
  2. Wow seems like things are starting to pick up in Newark. Good to see!
  3. Good to see progress picking up around the arena!
  4. Its on the northwest corner of Lafayette and Broad. I believe its called Mike's Coffee Shop? The slices are the biggest you'll ever see and its dirt cheap too.
  5. Ribbon cutting ceremonies for Edison Ale House, Loft 47, and Global Marketing with a Local Vision. nwkpress.com flickr Loft47
  6. Thanks for the link! They're doing a good job with their photo updates. They should be open next time I'm in Jersey.
  7. Panasonic Tower Starts Real Estate Marketing in Newark
  8. Booker says that movie executives are scouting out Newark to film parts of the new Batman movie. NorthJersey.com
  9. It wasn't designed for hockey (like Barclays Center in Brooklyn) so the rink would be off center and you couldn't see a third of the ice from one side of the upper deck. See how the rink goes into the retractible stands on one side? US Airways Center (then America West Arena) wasn't even ten years old when they broke ground on Glendale Arena and so neither the Suns, nor the taxpayers, wanted a new arena downtown. So the Coyotes looked to Scottsdale for a hockey only arena at Los Arcos (which would have been the perfect location) but that got shot down so they went to Glendale which is out of the way from everything pretty much. The day the arena opened, it was literally in a cotton field and the parking lot still was a field. Now its all getting developed but it was amazing how remote the arena was when it opened.
  10. NJ.com Interesting article on the site of the new Panasonic tower.
  11. Houston is very annexation happy so a good portion of their suburban areas in Houston proper, unlike Dallas which has Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Arlington (all with populations over 100k) plus Fort Worth. So that stat is rather misleading as comparing the populations of Dallas and Houston because Dallas/Fort Worth is a much larger metropolitan area (as was said in an earlier post). That being said, here in Dallas, Stars fans would love a Houston franchise. It would create an instant rivalry, as the Stars' biggest rival currently is Edmonton, and it would be very successful in Houston. Hockey in Dallas has been very successful, its at a low point right now because of the ownership situation and Mike Modano leaving. WIth the whole ownership situation, they haven't been able to market at all and there have been less ticket plan options and the prices have gone up. But when they get a new owner (likely over the summer), the attendance will go back up to the 17k numbers they were drawing before Tom Hicks went bankrupt. But youth hockey is huge with the Stars running many rinks around the Metroplex and there are successful minor league teams (Texas Tornado, Allen Americans) as well. So with a Houston team, a rivalry would be created instantly which would draw more interest in the Stars and it wouldn't impact the Stars fanbase since noone in Houston would ever root for a Dallas team. So I would have to believe that Houston would be a solid hockey market as well.
  12. Yeah JeffK does a great job with it. Although it is strange with the silence after the "Hey!" in the goal song. My first Stars game after I moved, I yelled out "you suck!" after the "Hey!" and everyone turned around and gave me dirty looks haha.
  13. American Airlines Center. Just a very lavish and unique building.
  14. This will be great, with the Courtyard by Marriott and now Panasonic's new tower, it will be great to see cranes in the skyline once again.
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