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  1. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets! how bout their off-season. Mike Tannebaum and Eric Mangini have had a blockbuster off-season so far, by aquiring pro-bowl DT Kris Jenkins, signing all-pro guard alan faneca, and are well into the mix for DE/OLB calvin pace. Also, CB randell gay is meeting with the jets on Monday.
  2. My family moved up to new Jersey about 2 years ago...
  3. hey buddy...u might want to check out some of my albums.
  4. Always Be Remembered, Never Be Forgotten
  5. i have one for a college football coach. U all remember Mike Gundy, the coach of Oklahoma State? well, here it goes.... Coach, there have been rumors that you are not a man, and you are 50 years old. "I'm a man, I'm 40" Coach, what do you think of the editor that let this out. "The editor that let this out is GARBAGE" (Coors Light screen) Coach, how does this whole thing make you feel. "It makes me wanna puke"
  6. Baseball: New York Yankees Football: New York Jets College: Miami Hurricanes (DA U) Basketball: Philadelphia 76er's ALL U PPL DONT KNOW ANYTHING BOUT SPORTS...
  7. i was born and raised in MIA, i bleed orange and green, but not to school there. My 3rd cousin, Santana Moss, was a former Jet, which is how i became a Jets fan. Tell me somethin cracker, u a canes fan too?
  8. from a jets fans perspective, there are many things we need to work on in the offseason. The first thing we have to du is to re-sign Kerry Rhodes. He is one of the elite safties in the game. Than, we need to pick a CB in free agency to complement Revis. Maybe a nandi asamugha. Than, we need to draft a vernon gholston from OSU or a calais campbell from Miami to solidify our defensive line. In the second round of the draft, the Jets need to select a playmaker on offense. An Andre Caldwell would fit in with the Jets offense scheme.
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