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  1. Rangerfans

    Beer League

    I play at ISCA as well. Subbed for Cottage Bar Clovers. Great bunch of guys! =P
  2. If he leaves, you guys are going to be fine. I'm the enemy and I still see you as contenders, Parise or no.
  3. Agreed. Suter has said that he will make his decision today. Shortly after, Wade Arnott says that Zack Parise is likely to make his decision today. Both have been talking a lot together. I think he's going to get his 'final deal' and will want to play in his home state. Just my opinion.
  4. With those signing bonuses, you can cross out Pittsburgh. They won't be able to frontload that. The Wild can. Detroit can. Ottawa will make a run for him to. My bet is Minn.
  5. Rangerfans

    Parise: "No way" I'll sign with Rangers

    It would be cool if Zack resigned with New Jersey. One of the few teams that actually has loyal, devoted players. It's pretty cool to see. If he doesn't sign, my bet is either Detroit or Nashville.
  6. Rangerfans

    We WILL win the cup

    No jinx here. I said before the series between the Devils and Rangers that whomever comes out of the East is going to win the Cup. Congratulations - first and foremost - on getting to the SC Finals. It pained me for a bit when we lost (I truly thought it was going to be our year, oh well). But your forecheck is relentless. Watching the game vs the Kings, you were the better team. Period 1 was in favor of the Kings. 2 and 3 were all Devils. It pains me to say it: But I think you're getting your 4th Stanley Cup this year.
  7. Rangerfans

    Prust suspended for Game 4

    Prediction: 1 game for Prusty. Rightfully deserved, in my opinion. No injury on the play (for some stupid reason this takes precedent. It should be the INTENT not the actual injury or not), no past history. I don't think he'll get any more. Glad Volch is okay.
  8. Rangerfans

    Rags on Twitter

    Dude! I totally remember the switch and I thought it was amazing (and still think it's intimidating today). Far better than the red/green of the Kirk Muller years (and before). And I still NHL 93, I use to constantly play as the Devils. Richer, Todd, and Zele. What a great top line =P
  9. Rangerfans

    Rags on Twitter

    Great post actually. And when I truly think about it, I'm sure subconsciously my family being Ranger fans had more of my allegiance than anything else. Truth be told, I really go into hockey post-lockout. It was almost like a clean slate. I 'was' turned off from various fans, but I'm sure it has more to do with just my family watching games year and year and getting familiar with names, people, etc. without even trying. At the end of the day, Blue became my team. It really is a good post, and if I came across as "holier than thou" I sincerely apologize and don't mean to come across that way whatsoever. I am a hockey fan, first and foremost. And enjoy talking about the sport in-general. As for hoping my day(s) get ruined, I expect nothing else! Right now I hope my team can cause misery for you all. But when the dust settles and the series is over, hopefully we can shake hands and have a mutual respect for each other. Cheers.
  10. Rangerfans

    Rags on Twitter

    As a goalie, I gotta be honest. I don't have much beef with it because of all the stick technology that occurs in today's game. Those sticks are SO light and guys can pin-point with ease! It's pretty incredible. As for the ice. Dude, I totally the agree. The ice was atrocious. It was one of the worst I've ever seen in a hockey game. But I also think both teams were affected by it. When the puck is bouncing that much, it's gotta be a nightmare for both. And Hargsy: I also said Ranger fans were obnoxious, idiotic, and ignorant too. But you chose to ignore that.
  11. Rangerfans

    Rags on Twitter

    U mad?
  12. Rangerfans

    Rags on Twitter

    When did I ever say that? Take off the bias and READ. Don't just blindly take what you want from a person's response and nit-pick what you use and don't use. Because - with all due respect - this is something that I can't stand, regardless of fanbase. Thank you. You said it perfectly. I know that New York fans are obnoxious, arrogant, and ignorant (believe me, I can't stand Giant or Yankee fans). I also know of a few Ranger fans who are just as bad whom I don't converse with. In my daily life, the Ranger fans that I know are devoted to their team, overly pessimistic (it's not like we haven't been let down every year), and pretty knowledgeable in regards to hockey. I play at Wallington for example, and you can find a nice parity of Devil and Ranger fans. Nice win yesterday by the way! Your forecheck is ruthless! I'll see you Saturday!
  13. Rangerfans

    Rags on Twitter

    Well wouldn't the Devils be more Manson-esque? Eh...I'm really reaching on that one. '
  14. Rangerfans

    Rags on Twitter

    As I said, less to do with peer pressure from family. They never pressured me whatsoever. The main why I jumped ship were friends of mine who were beyond obnoxious, arrogant, and ignorant. Really rubbed me off the wrong way. The type of kids that talk sh!t and how good they are in hockey, but when the high school hockey team tells them to put up or shut up, they refuse to try out? The type that plays deck hockey. *shrugs* I know there are a plethora of Ranger fans taht are obnoxious, arrogant, and ignorant (believe me, I see them and I call them out). I'm not even going to get into the BS and smacktalk after the games are over. Don't follow me into the bathroom to talk smack, that's against so many codes.
  15. Rangerfans

    GDT: ECF Game 2 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers

    I thought Larsson looked pretty awesome in Game 1. Guy isn't afraid to shoot.

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