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  1. UConn86

    Game DVDs?

    I know you used to be able to find old game tapes/DVDs on eBay, but I am not sure if they have disallowed that in the past year. Your best bet is to try to search Google for tape traders who would have those games available.
  2. I'd take Crosby, he is an overall better playmaker, and if I were starting a team that is what I would look for. However, I like watching Ovechkin better and generally like him more than Crosby...but for starting a team purposes, I'd take Crosby.
  3. http://tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=229648&hubname=nhl It should be noted that Forsberg in the past has had some of his horses run at Meadowlands Racetrack, right next door to the Devils former home.
  4. UConn86


    I like all sports, so I find Mike and the Mad Dog worth listening to.
  5. UConn86


    I agree, I don't know why teams feel the need to change their jerseys/logos. Some of those 3rd jerseys back in the 90s were horrendously bad. At least Lou has said the Devils will never get a 3rd jersey.
  6. Hope he's okay, it's always a freak thing when something like that happens.
  7. It's funny, when I went to the game last night (against Carolina) I asked my friend, who has followed the NHL more closely than me the past few years, I asked him if he thought that Neidermeyer's jersey would ever be retired. I thought maybe, he said definitely not. And I don't think you can really blame Scott for leaving, I mean he wanted to play with his brother, you can't really fault him for that.
  8. Hey everyone I just registered, I was a big Devils fan growing up but stopped following the NHL for a few seasons, but now am back in...I just went to the game tonight against Carolina, the new arena is very nice.
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