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  1. When was this fight? I saw 2 players drop the gloves, have a big hug, go round in circles slow dancing and they started stripping. I respect the fact the lad dropped the gloves and was prepared to go but it wasn't really a fight.
  2. Ah, just settling down to watch the game, Beers in the beer fridge, then I find the Montreal game is on NASN for us too. Happy Panda
  3. Just to let the EU fans know that these 2 games will be on NASN in the EU this week for a double dose of Devils action. The Toronto game on Saturday was a gimmee, seems as they show Toronto EVERY Saturday but the Tampa game is a bonus. About time too as we haven't had a devils game for weeks. I feel sorry for my brother, he's an AV's fan and they haven't had a game on for about a month. The only action they've showed was Smyth getting crocked last night.
  4. Hi all, I've only just found the site and I like what I see. Based in Jolly old England I'm supposed to like Tea, Crumpets and Football. Thing is, I prefer Hockey and Beer!!! My team is the Newcastle Vipers in the British Elite league but you obviously have to have an NHL team to follow so naturally I chose the best one. It can get a bit confusing when the Vipers Play the Cardiff Devils as I find myself wanting to cheer for the wrong team.
  5. In the UK we only get a handfull of NJD games on TV as we only have one TV channel for the whole of the NHL. Anyway, they are running a viewers choice poll for the games on 26th of feb and the Devils vs the Hurricanes is one of the options. Thing is we are being out voted by 7% in favour of showing the Wild vs the Caps (What are these people on) Anyway its an online vote so if you don't mind, please go to NASN.com and vote for the Devils game. It's hard enough being a Devil all your life when your brothers an AV's fan and won't shut up about the Stanley cup games, but him having to watch more Devils games than Av's this season would be punishment enough.
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