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  1. Hey chaps. Just wondering if anyone will be headin out to watch the game tonight in the Brick/ Toms River area. Thanks!
  2. Anyone know of anything in the Brick/ Toms River area? Me and a buddy are lookin to go out, have a few beers and cheer em on.
  3. Agreed. TA was a lot of fun. TONS of Devils fans (even a few Rags fans that stayed to watch the game after theirs was over), GREAT beer, GREAT food, and GREAT people. I will be going back.
  4. Done and done. I'll be the guy in the Parise team USA tee shirt. Im in the process of moving and all of my jerseys are back at my Parent's house
  5. Lets everyone go out to Texas Arizona, and rally for sound on the TV's!!
  6. Thanks guys! I will probably be joining you all at TA. I have no desire to go to the Rock, pay way too much for food and booze and squint to see the game on the jumbo.
  7. Anyone know of any viewing parties in the Bayonne, Jersey City, or Hoboken areas? Me and the girl are lookin for a good place to watch game 7 tomorrow night.
  8. Did Scott Gomez score last night?!?!?! Well, did he????
  9. Chico was really formally a sane individual. Now, not so much.
  10. Do you think we can petition the league to have a shootout play off? 7 games of the shootout each round. We can win the stanley cup every year!
  11. Anyone know a good place in Hoboken to watch the game?
  12. LETS GO HAWKS!!! Then maybe the Canucks or Caps. I'd like to see one of them finally come through. And of course, anyone who plays the Rags/ Flyers.
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