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  1. Guess we will sign Gomez in December again...
  2. In looking for a real brodeur mask with the J and flames on it not this street hockey mask.
  3. That hackva website. The j doesn't look right on top and obviously the cage is wrong, and can you get it without the hackva logo on the side?
  4. I was wondering if there was a way to find out when the next Shanahan signing is going to be ? I have a #14 white devils shanahan jersey I'd like to get signed and framed. I anyone knows please inform me. Thanks in advance!
  5. Where can I purchase a full size brodeur replica mask? The one with the J dead center on top with the flames on the side and chin? The accented MB30s in the background would be nice but not necessary. Please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Green Jerseys IN. Also old Disney 2003 Mighty Ducks jerseys too lol Green Devils Jerseys at Selection Screen
  7. I thought this was pretty cool that EA is fixing the AI logic for NHL12. Ive seen Kovy do this, check out the clip. Oh yeah and St Pattys green jerseys are IN this years game. Thanks!
  8. Are these the actual jerseys? Looks like EA released them earlier, before the team did.
  9. I think the retro jerseys are going to be white this year, with the green. If you go to the official devils website and go on the calendar part and click on the March 18th game, it says retro night, white and green jerseys. What do you guys think?
  10. This is JL we're talking about here. He must have a captain. What about his golden boy "Winky #12"?
  11. Here are his NHL Stats with Tampa Bay in the 2008-2009 Season: GP-15 W-4 L-8 T- OT-1 SO-1 GA-46 SA-406 SV%-.887 GAA-3.56 Min-776 and his AHL Stats with Lowell in the 2009-2010 Season: GP-50 W-24 L-17 T-6 OT- SO31 GA-119 SA-1,515 SV%-.921 GAA-2.47 Min-2,891 Possibly an AHL Goalie at best, maybe thats why Tampa Bay dumped him. Question is why did we pick him up then?
  12. Its do or die Game 20... Hometown boy Mike McKenna will be in goal against the Blues. In McKenna we Trust! The Story Behind the Mask When Mike McKenna got to see David Gunnarsson's paintings he decided David was the one to paint for him. Check out Mike's previous design by David here in the gallery. Mike is a big fan of motorsports and he wants his mask designs in the same graphic spirit with distinct lines, contrasts and profiles. David's goal in his artistry is to be as versatile as possible and be able to paint any styles. David thought out a design idea that Mike liked. On the top of the mask David has created a graphic race inspired look in black, red and white. On the sides David has weaved in the Devils logo, with lots of cool 3-D effects. Around white ghost flames are hovering. The design gets a stable base to stand on with the red base below, that turns into red flames. On the chin the design is framed by graphic lines inspired by the team jersey. On a banner the motto of the state, that also has named the design, is written. On the chin you also find the year when the state was founded. David has tied together all threads to a magic red and black whole breathing Devils to a 100%. And as usual there's a tremendous detail work with DAVEART's own innovative Holographix FX with the Devils logo as a background pattern in the metallic base.
  13. McKenna!! Do it for Burnsie!!

  14. Hey guys, my brother wants a green Daneyko jersey for Christmas. Wheres the best place to get one for the best price? Modells has them for $129.99 blank and then Id probably send it to one of these online places, probably Ice Jerseys or whatever someone suggests is good. Also, no fake Dorholt Custom jerseys please. Thanks in advance!!
  15. Woo, Phaneuf and Gigguere out? Plus wearing our home red on the road, while the leafs wear those gay White 3rd jerseys? Saw This driving by the Rock today.... We WIll Win Tonight.
  16. The Oilers might be down and out. Theyve been killed their last 2 games. 7-1 Against Carolina and last night 6-1 against Detroit. Hopefully it will be easy pickin's for the Devils and our first home win! Not to mention the start of a winning streak?? EDIT By the way, what is this nonsense? I thought Smitty was a Devils fan??? Theres this HERE And then this below. Whats up with that? And is this really an Oilers 3rd Jersey or scrapped idea?
  17. BlizzardCyclone


    How about this one?
  18. Im glad he will be in tonight. I think it will further his confidence, as well as the teams and think this is what the team needs right now as far as a shake up and change of scenary. "For me every game is big," Hedberg said. "If I'm not on top of my game it's very easy to get embarrassed out there. I don't like to get embarrassed." Per NJ.com Rich Chere "White is out with the flu and Alex Urbom has been recalled from Albany. "It's out of our control," MacLean said of White. "It's another opportunity for somebody to play. (Urbom) has been up here before. He kind of knows what to expect."
  19. Maybe Johnny Mac will wake up on the unemployment line?
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