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  1. Can't find pics of Marty's first game anywhere. Need to see jersey he wore that night. HELP!

  2. Just wants a strong end to this miserable season. Go Devs!

  3. Let's Go Yankees!

    1. GoArmySports


      Puck the Yankees! Let's Go Jets!

  4. Company I work for is having Sports Jersey Friday at the office. I'm currently at my desk, Rocking My Rd, Marty Style

    1. Quinn01


      How could you go wrong?! Unless.....its like that verizon wireless commercial where the two guys work for the same company and get in the elevator and duke it out because they are fans of rival hockey teams.

    2. Colin226


      I would love to work for a company that did that

  5. Met Lou last night at the game.

  6. Got tix for Devs/Rags at the Garden for Thursday. My first Devils road game!

    1. GoArmySports


      I had a 12 year old Ranger fan give me the finger there last year :(

    2. RunninWithTheDevil


      stay classy new york

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