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  1. This does truly suck, but I have faith in Lou. I bet he has something in the works. I think we're going to be just fine.


    I never really felt like Kovi was a Devil anyway. To me, he seemed out of place here and was not the same player he was in Atlanta.



  2. Thank you so much for the help.


    I have seen the Devils 10th anniversery patch on Dorholt, but I wasn't sure about it. It might be the only spot I can find one. The 75th patches I can get easily on ebay.


    I may just go without the 10th anniversery until I can find one and get swen on later.


    Where would be the best place to send the jersey out for lettering? I am hoping that the jersey I have can stand the lettering.



  3. Looking for authenticity to that when Brodeur was a rookie in 91-92 season or looking for something that looks like now?  If now you have a CCM replica that they have been selling or an authentic Reebok Edge version?

    I have the replica they have been selling (gift from ex gf). I would like it to look as close to what Marty wore his rookie year.



  4. Someone had posted pictures of their custom Brouder Christmas Jersey throwback a while back. I'm having mine done during the summer and was wondering if whoever it was could please repost those pictures.





  5. You dont play to tie the game, you play to win it. I have aways hated seeing games end in a tie. Ties are pointless. I'd much rather have the shootout and see a team skate away with 2 points. Plus, the longer a shootout goes, the more exciting a game it becomes. Of course, this is my opinon only.

  6. What I wouldn't give for a nice whiskey or scotch right now.

    I think I read someone on Twitter say right after the game, "I need a cigarette. I don't smoke, but I need a cigarette." That's exactly how I feel.

    I'm enjoying a post game Blue Moon, myself :cheers:


  7. I might be wrong, but it looked to me like the Rangers were too busy trying to intimidate the Devils in the 1st period and maybe were too busy doing that than playing D and when the Devils put 3 in the net, it woke them up.

    Rags come back and put in 3 on us and the Garden's rocking, but the Devs come back and score 2 to ice this game. Rags's Psyche has to be damaged but you can't count them out.

    I said Devils in 7, but right now, you have to put them away Friday. you let the Rags back in and Sunday might be real ugly.

    I'm not the most knowlegable hockey guy out there. I only comment on what I see and sometimes I see things wrong.


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  8. Not counting my chickens just yet, but if your a Rags fan, are you really confident in this team right now? They have NOT won 2 games in a row in the playoff this season and I have a hard time believing that they will do it now. I firmly believe the Devils are in their head.

    The Devils have the skate to the Rags throats not. Lets put them away on Friday!



  9. http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showthread.php?p=49685660#post49685660

    HFBoards appears to be arranging a NYC Viewing Party for Wednesday's game at Flight 151..

    I may be mistaken, but I believe they said the owner is a Devils fan too

    I work half a block away from Flight 151. I didn't know that was a Devils bar. I have to check to see if they are doing anything for next weeks games.

    I have watched Devils Playoff hockey at Village Pourhouse in Union Square before. They will show the games there.

    I'm a Devils fan who lives in the Bronx and getting to Hoboken to Texas Arizona or the Village Pourhouse in Hoboken (Where the burgers are awesome) is no problem for me. I take the D train to 34th and change for the PATH to Hoboken. If I can do it and come home late, then it really shouldn't be a problem for anyone living in Manhattan to. Heck, I go to The Rock pretty much the same way. 4 train to Fulton St and walk to the WTC PATH. Pretty simple.

    Also, to try to push the Devils in NYC would be like pushing the Mets in the Bronx. Not going to work when the heart of the fanbase either work or resides there.


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