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  1. I have Sprint and I'm not crazy about them. I use a Blackberry Curve 8330 and it's gotta be the worst phone I have ever had. No one can hear me when I talk, I sometimes don't recieve text messages nor does the reciepiant recieve mine, the damn phone is always buffering and the pics are very grainy indoors, dispite the flash. I'm looking to upgrade the phone in a month or two to either the Evo or the new Samsung Epic. It's stupid that NY doesn't have 4g speed yet, but I've been hearing solid reviews on the Evo. I want to read a reivew on the Epic, which comes out next week before I decide. I was going to get the Samsung Intercept, but heard about the slow speeds on the phone and wierd qwartz keypad and decided to take a pass on it.


  2. Is this park supposed to go where the parking lots are now? Wouldnt the lot owners fight this as they make a lot from the games?

    I think the park looks nice myself, but I do agree that it will eventually be another spot for the homelss to urinate and sleep at.


  3. 1-Meglomaniac-Incubus

    2-Higher Love-Depeche Mode

    3-Slither-Velvet Revolver

    4-Between The Lines-Stone Temple Pilots

    5-Lit Up-Buckcherry

    6-Sure Know Something-KISS

    7-Rock n Roll Music-The Beatles

    8-Pictures of You-The Cure

    9-A Night Like This-The Cure

    10-Magic Man-Heart


  4. Tough loss yesterday. Berkman should not be at 1b the rest of the season. Tex would have had both balls that ultimately allowed runs to score. I can unnderdatnd what Girardi was doing when he sat Arod, Gardner and had Tex play Dh, but but the timimg was wrong. I would have rather come back to NY 3 games up rather than 1 game. Lets hope we can open up some ground this week against Toronto and Boston.


  5. I'd love to see them give away bobbles this season. Originally I was bumbed when I saw the bobble plan because I couldn't afford it. Thankfully, I was able to get the four pack at a game thanks to my ex gf.

    I'd love a Kovi, Langenbrunner and Clarkson bobble set. maybe spread them over the season and have like a connecting backboard.


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