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  1. I do sometimes buy those boxes from Target. As a Devils card collector, I try to complete as many Devils sets as possible. My Broduer card collection is up to 257 cards right now and I have a trade going down for 10 more cards.


  2. As soon as the news broke, one of my buddies texted me that exact sentiment regarding Yogi. They say it happens in threes ...

    That's exactly what I thought. God, I hope not.

    As far as renaming the stadium, that's not what we would have wanted. he was all about marketing the Yankee brand and nothing does that better than Yankee Stadium it's self. plus, he was a stickler for tradition and whas said numerous times that the stadium will always be called Yankee Stadium.


  3. I really need most but need the following more:


    NHL.2009-03-17.Blackhawks.vs.Devils.ENG.x264-(Brodeur's 552nd Win)

    NHL.2009-12-21.Devils.vs.Penguins.720p.hdtv.x264-dvsky-(Brodeur' s 104th Shutout)

    NHL.2010-03-17.Penguins.vs.Devils.720p.HDTV.X264-(Vintage Jerseys)

    Brodeur Celebrating 552.avi


    Please drop me a PM with costs and if you have paypal and we can work something out. T

    Thanks so much for responding.


  4. Yeah, I kinda figured that. I was reading the article on the hockey fakes and read a line where if there is brown paper on the inside, behind the lettering or emblem then it's a fake. My buddy just got a Mauer Twins home jersey and I remember him complaining about the brown papering. I dont have the heart to tell him it's a fake cause he likes it so much and was bragging about spending only 75.00. It does look good though. I was gonna order a Sanchez Jets jersey from the guy until I read that line from the article.


  5. First Shep, now The Boss. I am quite saddened by his death. As a life long Yankees fan (I go back to '76), life was never boring when George was in the papers. That said, he bought passion and the Yankees back to the top of the baseball world. God Bless you George.


  6. I'm a team collector. I have over 10,000+ Yankees cards. I also have collections for my Devils, Jets and Knicks cards. I also collect my three favorite players; Martin Brodeur, Mark Teixeira and Tino Martinez.

    I perfer autograph cards to jersey cards, but that said, I do have a nice collection of them.


  7. I wasnt really too high on giving up Montero either, but he's not going to be the defensive catcher that Romaine already is and he cant really play anyother position. He may actually wind up as a DH. Plus the Yankees have two other top catching prospects in the lower minors. That rotation is going to be downright nasty.

    Not sure how Werth fits into all this though. Where does he play?


  8. I didnt get a chance to see Hot Tub Time Machine in the theathers, so I may rent it on Demand this weekend and give it a look.

    Anybody get a load of the new guy playing Spiderman? As a huge Spidey fan, I'm not pleased with the casting choice.


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