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  1. I'm a team collector. I have over 10,000+ Yankees cards. I also have collections for my Devils, Jets and Knicks cards. I also collect my three favorite players; Martin Brodeur, Mark Teixeira and Tino Martinez. I perfer autograph cards to jersey cards, but that said, I do have a nice collection of them. Mike
  2. I wasnt really too high on giving up Montero either, but he's not going to be the defensive catcher that Romaine already is and he cant really play anyother position. He may actually wind up as a DH. Plus the Yankees have two other top catching prospects in the lower minors. That rotation is going to be downright nasty. Not sure how Werth fits into all this though. Where does he play? Mike
  3. I didnt get a chance to see Hot Tub Time Machine in the theathers, so I may rent it on Demand this weekend and give it a look. Anybody get a load of the new guy playing Spiderman? As a huge Spidey fan, I'm not pleased with the casting choice. Mike
  4. Huge Yankees fan, not so much a Sterling fan, but I do have to admit having Yankees win, Thhhhhhhhhhhhe Yankees win as a ringtone. Mike
  5. This cant be the impact the new Nets owner had in mind when he bought the team. Unless they have something cooking, it looks like their biggest off season aquisiton will be Avery Johnson. Mike
  6. I already voted about 20 times. Hope he gets in. Mike
  7. I have both the American and Canadian versions of this card. Too bad he was mass produced. Remember, back in the 90's, cards were over produced which is why, in any sport, most cards are worthless. Mike
  8. I dont care where he goes as long as we get a warm six pack and a bag of Dorretos for him. Mike
  9. I agree it's very NWO-ish, but WWE hasn't had an angle this good in quite sometime. I'm actually thinking that Orton will win MTB (which I wish they kept as just a match for 'Mania)and NXT attacks Orton, and Barrett leaves with the briefcase. Mike
  10. Here are a few of my favs: The Cure-Disentegration Depeche Mode-Music for the Masses KISS-Destroyer The Beatles-Abby Rd Metallica-Metallica Heart-Dreamboat Annie Alice In Chains-Facelift Incubus-Morning View Nirvana-Nevermind Van Halen-Van Halen Mike
  11. I got to see Grown Ups this Monday and thought it was pretty funny. I wont see the Last Airbender because I dont think M. Night has made a decent movie since Sixth Sense. I still have yet to see Toy Story 3 or Shrek 4. I will probably see Inception next weekend. Mike
  12. What, no one here thinks the NXT angle is the best thing WWE's done in years? Mike
  13. Heat will give Magic some competion in that divison. I still think they're a piece or two away from competing for an NBA title. I'm also wondering how much longer I will have to wait until my Knicks are comepeting for one. Thank God for the Devils, otherwise it would be a long winter for me. Mike
  14. Lets clear up more cap room for Kovi..I'd pack Rolston's bags myself. Mike
  15. Thanks for the heads up on the blog and uniform site. Correct me if I'm wrong, wasnt there black added to the classic jerseys at one point? Right before the Devils started wearing their current unis? Mike
  16. Where can I see something like an "evolution"of the devils jerseys? I'd like to see how they've changed from season to season in terms of color scheme, material, fonts, patches, etc. Mike
  17. Thanks for starting this tread. I have always wantd to earn more about jerseys and how to spot fakes on ebay. I generally know if the seller is from Asia to stay away. Right now,all I have is my Broduer Edge replica and the practice jersey given out at the blood drive a couple years back.I really want to get a xmas tree jersey and a white road jersey. I'll be doing my research and keeping an eye on this tread before buying my next jersey. Mike
  18. CC looked great striking out Ten A's tonight. Tex made somenice plays snagging those pop fouls. You can run for ten miles and not run out of foul room in Oakland, lol. Mike
  19. Lol, it's only been two games he's won on walkoffs. Nice to see Tex starting to hit. Still waiting for Arod to come around. Mike
  20. I'd sign him to a small contract. Mike
  21. I'm not believing anything until I see something offical. Mike
  22. This is going to take a while me thinks. Mike
  23. good sign by Lou. Shaping up to be a decent day so far. Now get Kovi and it will be a great day. Mike
  24. Looking for Devils games or specials on DVD. Still trying to build a Devils dvd library of important games. Off the top of my head, I need the following: Marty becomes all time winningest goalie Marty becomes leader in shutouts Martin Brodeur:Winner Within special from NHL Network Broudeur Special from MSG+ Devils make the playoffs for the first time Broduer's first game (I know that's streaching it) any early devils games Willing to pay for time, blank dvd and shipping. Please drop me a PM if you have any of the above or anything else I may have left out. Thanks, Mike
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