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  1. I have both the American and Canadian versions of this card. Too bad he was mass produced. Remember, back in the 90's, cards were over produced which is why, in any sport, most cards are worthless.


  2. Here are a few of my favs:

    The Cure-Disentegration

    Depeche Mode-Music for the Masses


    The Beatles-Abby Rd


    Heart-Dreamboat Annie

    Alice In Chains-Facelift

    Incubus-Morning View


    Van Halen-Van Halen


  3. I got to see Grown Ups this Monday and thought it was pretty funny. I wont see the Last Airbender because I dont think M. Night has made a decent movie since Sixth Sense. I still have yet to see Toy Story 3 or Shrek 4. I will probably see Inception next weekend.


  4. Heat will give Magic some competion in that divison. I still think they're a piece or two away from competing for an NBA title. I'm also wondering how much longer I will have to wait until my Knicks are comepeting for one. Thank God for the Devils, otherwise it would be a long winter for me.


  5. Thanks for the heads up on the blog and uniform site. Correct me if I'm wrong, wasnt there black added to the classic jerseys at one point? Right before the Devils started wearing their current unis?


  6. Thanks for starting this tread. I have always wantd to earn more about jerseys and how to spot fakes on ebay. I generally know if the seller is from Asia to stay away.

    Right now,all I have is my Broduer Edge replica and the practice jersey given out at the blood drive a couple years back.I really want to get a xmas tree jersey and a white road jersey. I'll be doing my research and keeping an eye on this tread before buying my next jersey.


  7. Looking for Devils games or specials on DVD. Still trying to build a Devils dvd library of important games. Off the top of my head, I need the following:

    Marty becomes all time winningest goalie

    Marty becomes leader in shutouts

    Martin Brodeur:Winner Within special from NHL Network

    Broudeur Special from MSG+

    Devils make the playoffs for the first time

    Broduer's first game (I know that's streaching it)

    any early devils games

    Willing to pay for time, blank dvd and shipping. Please drop me a PM if you have any of the above or anything else I may have left out.



  8. I'm kinda glad I missed this. Doesnt seem like there were any players there signing and I would have been peeved if there were slim pickings on the sticks by the time I got in.


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