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  1. I was rooting for the Hawks because I have friends in Chicago, but now that Philly is in, I'll be rooting even harder to Chicago to win.
  2. I was originally going to take a pass on seeing any concerts this summer due to money constraints, but I am tempted to go see Ringo at Westbury and, god help me, I'll probably wind up seeing Kiss at Jones Beach. I say God help me cause I saw them at the Garden and thought the show was subpar for what I am used to seeing from Kiss and I wasn't too crazy about Tommy Thayer's guitar work and the fact that he was doing Ace's bit with the rocket. It's bad enough that they have Gene's roadie painted up as the spaceman, do they have to have him perform his stunts as well?
  3. I bet that was a lot of kids first introduction to Uncle Milton.
  4. This is a playlist I listen to when I'm on the treadmill: Check My Brain-Alice N Chains Overcome-Creed Hard To See-Five Finger Death Punch Break-Three Days Grace Rise Today-Alter Bridge Dead Memories-Slipknot Sex Type Thing-STP Saints of Los Angeles-Motley Crue Keep Away-Godsmack New Moon Rising-Wolfmother Not For You-Pearl Jam Again-Flyleaf Mr.Crowley-Ozzy Unchained-Van Halen Round and Round-Ratt Turbo Lover-Judas Priest Strutter-Kiss I'm Eighteen-Alice Cooper Ace of Spades-Motorhead The Game-Motorhead The Day That Never Comes-Metallica I have to agree. I'll be 40 next year and I find myself rocking to more stuff from the 60's, 70's and 80's than anything else.
  5. I would think Queens would be a more ideal move for the Islanders because it's still close by to LI and I'm sure there are more Isles fans there. I would think Brooklyn is Rangers territory and moving to the Barclays would hurt them fan-wise. Most Isles fans I ahve spoken with would not want to travel to Brooklyn to see the team.
  6. I was hoping for a draft party as well. I wanted to grab some autos this year and possibly grab a gu stick as well. I was able to get an Elias 2 years ago. Had to skip last years due to a prior commitment. GoArmy, was that Knicks Draft Party for season tx holders only? Last year, I went to a Knicks sponsered function at the Hard Rock Cafe that telivised the draft. They had trivia, the Knicks City Dancers and gave away t-shirts and caps.
  7. I'll believe it when I see it. While I dont think Kovi is resigning with the Devils, I don't see him leaving the NHL to play in Russia.
  8. Really?? I'm shocked. I thought all teams had them every year.
  9. Thanks Guys. I guess they're not having one this year.
  10. I forgot if last years was in May or after the Draft Party. I haven't seen anything on the Devils website.
  11. I thought having Lemaire here was supposed to make Rolston a better player? I never thought Lags should have been Captain. I think he should be stripped of the C like Elias was and give it to someone that shows a little fire in his belly.
  12. Bingo! This series was the absolute worst I have seen the Devils play in the 20 years I have been a fan of this hockey club. There was no defense, no fire, no passion during this no energy. This team needs to be dismantled, starting with Lemaire. It's funny, the coach I wanted was coaching the team that knocked us out. The one thing I did see a lot of was passing. Yet, for all the passing and PP we had, no one, not ZP, not Elias, and not Kovi was able to put the puck in the net. What, was there a secret bet amounst the players we didn't know about? Like how many times can we hit Boucher right on the Flyers emblem? Plus, I hated seeing us get pushed around this entire series. Why didn't we push back? Save for Kovi in Game 2, all I saw was a bunch of Devils hitting the ice. Now, I want to see what Lou does. Do we try to resign Kovi? Martin? Try to sign some decent defenseman for a change? I have to agree with a previous post. If there aren't some changes this offseason, then next season, could very well end up like this season did.
  13. I'm going to the game tonight with my ex, who's a Rags fan. I would love to see her po'ed after the Rags lose again.
  14. I voted. Thanks for the link. I'm shocked that Mr.Met got knocked out so early, and I hate the Mets. He's more recognizable than that Viking dude.
  15. Congrats to the best voice in hockey.
  16. That's true. I was at last year's St.Patty's game and got shut out on programs. When I went in for the blood drive, I decided to pick up a few Marty items for the collection, when, lo, and behold, there was a stack of programs from that game by the register.
  17. oh so your one of those sniper ppl. who just watch something til its about to end and then bid on it in the last cpl of seconds to steal it from ppl....
  18. I don't have an issue with what Zach said, as surprising as it was to me. He just has to understand that fans in this area are a bit tougher on their teams than in most area's. Plus, as hard as they are playing, he has to understand how frustrating the lack of PP scoring is to the fans as well.
  19. I saw two Jeff Frazee bobbles on ebay with buy it now's of 22.99 and 29.99.
  20. I'm keeping an eye on the bidding
  21. Save the first ten minutes, The Devils played a great game. Sick save by Fluery off Zubs on that break a way in the 2nd. Loved seeing the throwbacks and Marty's mask. I'm wondering if Pelly is going to be suspended on the hit into the boards. Is it me or was the green a little too dark. I could have sworn it was a little lighter originally. No matter, I'd love to see the throwbacks used again on the ice and loved seeing them. Too bad I wasn't able to attend the game.
  22. I too, would love to see these jerseys back again. Maybe use them every St.Patty's day? Not too sure Lou would allow that, but I think it would be cool.
  23. Sorry about your injury and hope you feel better soon. Glad to see you made it to the game. That's what I call a dedicated Devils fan.
  24. Awww, that stinks that I missed it. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for another.
  25. Anyone know where I can find one of these? I can never find one avalable and it never shows up on ebay.
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