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  1. I have been wanting a xmas tree jersey for years. I've been watching this team since 1990 and was never in a position, financially to get one. I have seen some pop up on ebay from time to time, yet I never picked one up because of questions I had about the authenticity of them. I have seen this gentlemans knock off and almost bought one until I read on here how bad the jersey actually are. I'm still not in any position unfortunately to get an actual jersey from back then. That's why I have no problem picking up the CCM's avalible now. Yes, I'm aware there are still issues with them from what I read from the knowledgeable jersey collectors on here, but for now, its as close as I can get to wearing a jersey from the days I started watching this team.
  2. I dont have the promotions box either, so I cannot get the 17 dollar tix. Boooo.
  3. I want bobbleheads, not a juniper jack!
  4. I really wish I could make this game. I'm sure it's already sold out.
  5. I hope that there will still be jerseys this monday. My friend just gave me a 15 percent off coupon to the NHL store and I want to use it on a blank come payday.
  6. Does anyone know where there is a Modells close to NJ transit? I want to grab some Devils gear and I know the stores in NJ woild have stuff I can't find in NYC. I would perfer to take a path train if possible. Thanks.
  7. I just bought a green Devils tee at the nhl shop here in manhattan. I spoke to a few employees there and was told that everyone is getting only one shipment of the throwbacks in. When they're sold out, there gone for good. I'm praying that's not true as I'm waiting on my income tax check to get mine.
  8. I haven't bought mine yet, but when I do, it will have Brodeur 29 on the back. I have to admit that I did think of putting Danyo or Stevens on the back for a second, but Marty's my favorite player so it's gotta be that. Xmas tree t shirts? Me thinks I have to make a trip to the NHL Store on friday.
  9. I saw the t shirts over at Modells on 34th St in NYC on Sat, but since I was rushing, I didn't get a chance to give them a look over. I will do so this week ands maybe pick one up on Friday.
  10. I will probably mail a puck in unless there is puplic trans from NYC Penn Station?
  11. I have been looking high and low for them each time I go into a TRU. I might take a little from my tax return and pick one upp for the Marty collection.
  12. That's very intresting. I never thought about it, but now that you mention it, I can see it.
  13. Here's mine: 1-Got To Choose-Kiss 2-Had Enough-Papa Roach 3-Dream On-Depeche Mode 4-Careless Whisper-Seether 5-Paranoid-Black Sabbath 6-Ball N Chain-Janis Joplin 7-Cant Buy Me Love-The Beatles 8-Watchin You-Kiss 9-Captain Jack-Billy Joel 10-Closedown-The Cure
  14. I'm looking for games on dvds. I want to create a "Devils Library" and need important games from their history. Off the top of my head, games I definately need are: Brodeur's breaking of Roy's all time wins Broduer breaking Sawchuck's shutout record All three cup clinchers Anything else you guys might want to add would be much appreciated. If anyone has any games burned on dvd, please let me know how much your asking. Thanks.
  15. As much as I'd love to own a game used jersey, I cant afford the prices that are asked or realized at an auction. sad to say that unless I suddenly become rich or get one as a gift, I will never own a game used jersey. That's ok. I'll stick with picking up a stick here or there.
  16. I've looked on NHL.com/shop and didn't see them. I may pop into the NHL store during lunch to see if they have them and if they are expecting them in. At the very least, I'm hoping they have the throwback caps.
  17. I'm sorry if these topics were already spoke of this week. I have been pretty busy and haven't been online as much due to work. I just have a couple of questions. Please keep in mind that my knowledge of hockey isn't as strong as most of yours is so if the questions seem a bit dumb, I apologize. 1-I managed to turn on the Devs/Flyers game on Monday, just in time to see Carter level Ansi and, too me, it looked like a dirty hit, yet for some reason, not much has been made of it, save for Dano and Maven's commentary of it during the next game. heck, I may have missed it, but did Chico even mention it? Why hasn't Carter been suspended for this? 2-During power plays, I notice Kovi plays the point and is more of a passer than a scorer in these situations. Wouldn't it be best to play him down low near the net to utilize his goal scoring abilities? Maybe I'm missing something there. Thanks for being patient with me guys.
  18. I'm hoping my income tax check comes rather soon as I know what I'm treating myself to As a Marty fan, Im leaning toward sticking is #29 on the back, but I do have a lot of love for Pepe, Dano and Stevens, so it's a tough descion to make. I only own one Devils jersey (Edge replica, Brodeur) and I'm wondering if, dispite Marty being my favorite player) if maybe I should get another player, one who played a lot of games in these colors. I'll make my descion when I pick it up I guess. I would pick up a fitted cap as well, but I have a small head and I don't see the store carring a cap size under 7.
  19. I collect Devils cards from various years. I also have a personal Marty collection consisting of over 210 cards. 2 autos, 10 game used cards and the rest are base and inserts.
  20. I'm just going to enjoy the time we have with Kovi. If he re-signs, great, if not and we get a long playoff ride out of him, fine. I'm not going to get my hopes up too high.
  21. I love this trade. I didn't think the Devs had a shot at him, or had any intrest to begin with. Now we have another bonifide scorer to go with Zach and Elias. I think the idea of having ZZ Pops as the first line with Zubs/Elias/Kovi as the second line, although I wouldn't think it'd be terrible to stick Rolston on the second line and bump Zubs to the third. I hated to see Oduya go, but to get Kovi, I'm fine with it. This team will be very, very dangerous come playoff time.
  22. From what I saw on the video, it looked to me like Cormier had the intent to injure. I mean, he went right at him and nailed the guy in the head. That's not something that happens by accident or because he was "playing hard". That said, I'm all for letting Cormier prove that he isn't a dirty player. I think everyone deserves a fair chance. I just hope the kid apologies, if he hasn't already.
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