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  1. I think it's Miller's year, although there is still plenty of hockey to be played and that can change.
  2. Saw the video during the game tonight. You can plainly see Cormier zeroing in on his head. Very dirty. Also heard Roy wants criminal charges bought but, but Fischler thinks Roy is doing that for publicity.
  3. I'll take the win. Stops the skid. Would like to see the offense wake up a bit. Maybe against Montreal Friday.
  4. I wanted to suggest a Hockey 101 or Hockey for Dummies section. I am very embarrased to admit this, but my knowledge of rules, what to watch for in games and such is lacking severly, dispite watching hockey for quite a few years. I'm afraid to ask questions on the forums in fear of being ridiculed or something. I figured that maybe having a forum where guys like me who love the sport and are still trying to grasp the rules and such can come to for answers, lessons and help grow our knowledge so that I can become a smart hockey guy like alot of you are.
  5. Been to Beergarden before. Great place, the food is pretty decent as well. I may show up for that game seeing that the Path is not too far away. Just stinks it's on a weeknight.
  6. I'm looking to buy tix shortly. Any word on if the team store will be selling the throwbacks?
  7. Do you have the program from Marty's first game?
  8. I was wondering the same thing myself.
  9. Schein doesn't know squat about the Jets and he's supposed to be a football guy. Between him and Francessa and Russo, and all the know it alls, I stopped listening to sports talk a long time ago.
  10. Here is some of my collection. First some signed pucks Tommy Abiline Lou Lamirillo Mike Peluso Brent Sutter Bruce Driver Johnny Mac Randy McKay Randy McKay signed Poster Zach Parise signed 8x10 Ken Danyko signed puck Chico Reche signed puck Game used Elias stick A Marty Brodeur Headliner Thats pretty much it. I do have signed cards, McFarlanes and an autographed pic of Marty I haven't snapped a pic of yet. Thanks for looking.
  11. Hands down, one of the best games of the year. As much as I hate the Rags and Queenie, they played a terific game. I just love that all that hard work went for naught and Marty ends up with another shutout. What the heck crawled up Avery's butt? was he trying to goad Marty into a fight to get him off his game or something?
  12. Put on it whatever you want to. You the one that is wearing it and you paid for it. Do what you want and just enjoy it.
  13. Awesome collections everyone. I'll try and post my teeny tiny Devils collection tonite. I mainly collect Devils cards, so I'll get pics of the better ones too.
  14. Looks like a great time. I wish I could have been able to attend. Did any player stick around to sign after?
  15. ok, I misspelled. I ment Boucher.
  16. Maybe it's just me, but I think it's a plus for the Flyers. I don't think much of Emery. Bouchard may actually work out. He looked good last night.
  17. Stan is more biased toward the Rags than any team in the NY/NJ area. He can be also a major butt kisser as well, lol.
  18. Have to wait till payday. Plus, I'm not done with xmas shopping. I may pick one up after everything is done as xmas gift from me to me.
  19. I am watching a few of those jerseys
  20. Oh, I'm not knocking the replicas, please don't misunderstand. But if you buy a replica football jersey as opposed to a replica hockey jersey, there is a diffrence in quality. The hockey have the names and numbers applicated by heat, but looks sewn on whereas the football are all screen printed, which I really don't care for. Baseball has stopped making screen printed replica jerseys and are sewing everything on and basketball has the swingman jerseys. I do like that the companies are taking steps to make the replicas looks as close to authentic as possble.
  21. I can see both sides of the coin here. I fall under the wanting the authentics, but not being able to afford them category. My job pays in the low 40's. I support myself and my sister, who had surgery last year. With bills, rent, food, travel, most of my cash is gone. I only own 2 Devils jerseys at this time. My Rebok Edge Brodeur Replica that I splurged on for 150.00 at Modells and the free practice jersey the Devils gave out in May for donating blood. I bought an offical Mark Teixeira Road jersey from a guy off youtube for 50.00 so I could wear it when I saw the Yankees in Seattle. Unfortunately, I think it's a knockoff. Because of that, I'm more hesitatant to jump at another deal. I have seen tons of deals on the bay that I have not jumped at. I have wanted the christmas tree jersey for years, but I see quite a few that seem suspicious. I'm saving up so I can buy one when they go on sale though the Devils. I guess my point is a lot of people just don't have the $$$ to buy authentics and have to make due with the replicas. I hate it. I'm a die hard and would much rather have the authentics, but I have to support myself and sister at the same time. I don't get to many games. I'm lucky if I can get to 2-3 a year, but I make do with that. Just like I make do with what I can afford.
  22. It seems like Parise can score in a shootout blindfolded. Love the move on Osgood.
  23. After the first autographed puck night, I have learned that the devils organization can't run anything involving multiple fans. The draft parties always go well however.
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