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  1. I'm always in favor of defense, but I would hate to see Parise have to conform to more of a trap player as opposed to one that has 50 goal potiental. As long as I see Marty hold Lord Stanley's cup over his head in June, I'll be happy.
  2. Hey, I remember you. We were talking music for much of the day, right? How's it goin? I'm off work Friday, so I'll be there early as well. Not sure I'm going for equipment though. I might stick with the graphs this year.
  3. I was there at about 5pm last year and managed to score a Elias stick. Security at the Rock is dreadful. Lots of punk kids cut lines not just at the Equipment sale, but also at the 10 dollar tix lines. On St.Patty's day, this kid tried to cut me and this guy I was talking to inside the ticket office while we were waiting for the wristbands and he was wasted. I told him to get off and he wanted to fight me. I'm 38 and I know as bad as I wanted to deck him, I'd be in jail and not him for causing the scene. Sometimes, it doesn't pay, so I just walked away.
  4. I would want a proven coach. My pick would be Laviolette. Wouldn't mind Nolan either.
  5. You might want to add The Game by Drowning Pool as that's the song they play before the puck drops before each game. It's a remake of Triple H's theme by Motorhead.
  6. I live in the Bronx and there is no devils merch there and very few in Manhattan. My gf lives in Jersey, but we are not seeing each other this weekend. Damn! I want that windbreaker. I may have to take a train to Jersey on Friday after work.
  7. When I went for the blood drive, I asked if the store was open during the off season and the young lady said they were. The jerseys are heat pressed at the Den as well. If there is prior issues with pressed lettering as some have stated, I would too buy the blank off nhl.com and send it to Exclusive Pro and have them stich it up. Good thing I read this, I was thinking abut ordering a Parise road jersey from nhl.com.
  8. God, I have been there for karaoke. There is hardly any room for the machine much less anyone to stand up and sing. That aside, I love going to the bar before a game. I'd rather get my drink on there than paying 8 bucks for a beer at the arena.
  9. So, does this mean their new goal song will be the Theme from Titanic?
  10. Does anyone know what time players usually show up for a 7pm game? Thank you.
  11. Made a mistake. I have the F. I actually need the I X for the tickets. Darn. I also need the RSY for the team jersey, ALLST for Parise All Star Jersey and T for the signed stick.
  12. I need the F for the fan appreciation tix to win. Guess after reading everyone elses posts I can assume I'll be getting duplicates, huh?
  13. Never mind, just saw Guys Night Out is Sold out. I guess I'm calling out sick tomorrow.
  14. I'll be there. Either I buy tix tonight for the Guys Night Out, or I'll be on line for ten dollars tomorrow.
  15. Good for the Islanders. It's about time they put their foot down and make the threats. I have a soft spot for the Isles as they were my team before the Devils moved from Colorado. I was and still am a huge Bossy fan. A team with a rich history and 4 cups should be revered by their politicans, not just cast aside as they have been. I would hate to see them go, but would understand why it was done. Wang, although he hasn't had the best GMs running that team, has lost a lot of money since owning it. I give him credit as he seems like he loves owning the Islanders and hasn't sold them.
  16. I think we could use an offesnsive Defenseman, but I wouldn't be broken hearted if we didn't make a move at the Deadline. I like the way the team has jelled. That said, if we can get Boumester or Neids, I'm a happy man.
  17. Chico reminds me of Phil Rizzuto and I miss The Scooter while watching Yankee games and would feel the same if Chico wasn't doing color for the Devils. I'd rather listen to Chico than Jaffe anyday of the week.
  18. Saw him on opening night. I figured he was employed by the team because he was on the video screen almost all the time. I was thinking why do we need this guy riling up the crowd?
  19. I would definately agree with a night for Burns and a plaque dedication to him somewhere in the arena.
  20. I'm not sure what to make of this deal. Yes, the Islanders get another first rounder for Garth Snow to screw up. They gave away Campoli, who has a nice upside and in return get a player who I don't think is all that good. Bad trade for the Isles.
  21. Got a tile for Fan Appreciation game.
  22. I don't see them firing Renny until they fall out the top 8. With the team as it is now, I don't think anyone that comes in will be able to make much of a difference unless they bring in some scoring help, especially on the PP.
  23. I have been wanting a Devils tat for a while. I want a devil wearing the jersey leaning against the Yankee logo. My two favorite teams. Oh and I want a KISS tat. The cover of their 1st album.
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