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  1. I have a bit of a dilema. Last winter, I bought a Christmas tree jersey, sized XL from NHL.com and was going to customize it to a Broduer #29, and pick up the patches through Dorholt. One thing led to another and I was unable to take care of it when I wanted. Flash forward to Tuesday. I was thinking of going to the Rock to watch the game yesterday. I was going to wear the jersey, which has never been worn before. I put it on to see how I looked and looked the mirror. The jersey is humongous on me. The sleeves alone make me look like Rocky The Flying Squirrel. See, I have been going to the gym and dieting on and off for almost 3 years. When I got the jersey last year, it fit. Since I shed a few lbs, it looks like I'm swimming in it. I put on my Edge Broduer jersey and it seems to fit fine. What gives? Now, I need to figure out my options. Do I sell the jersey and get a L? Keep it in case I get fat again? HAs this ever happened to you guys? If so, what did you do? Mike
  2. How much do the lithos go for? I haven't been out to the Rock yet, so I don't know what's been going on over there. Mike
  3. I really need to become a STH at some point. This event looked like a ot of fun. Were the players still not allowed to sign autographs?
  4. Most sports atheletes apperances are tiered pricing these days. I'm not shocked by this. Mike
  5. If this is true, it would tick me off a bit as I upgraded my crapberry in March to an Epic. The Epic is an upgrade, but the 4G network stinks in my apt. It's "sleeping" a lot of the time, I sometimes don't get text messages or pics until hours later and I still roam at times. The Super amoled screen is cool, but you can't see it outside and don't get me started on the battery life. Had I known Spint was getting iphone, I would have held off. Now, I'm probably going to have to shell 600.00 for one if I want it, or wait another year until I get my 150.00 upgrade credit. Mike
  6. Can La Greca be a Play by play guy? I only know him to be a radio talkie and Kay's sidekick. Mike
  7. As a Yankees fan, I would be on suicide watch if I had to listen to Sterling year round. Forget Schiavone, why not good ole' JR? Imagine how good he would be when a fight breaks out, especially since they play Stone Cold's music during? I'm still holding out hope they manage to get Gary Throne in. Mike
  8. Has there been an offical announcement on this or can we assume that Cangelosi will be handed the regins as lead man? Mike
  9. I think if the logo was the usual red on white rather than the black one we see here, then maybe. Then again, for the Broduer collection, I might. Mike
  10. Lol, thanks for letting me know. Mike
  11. In case anyone was intrested, I saw this on ebay. I would have bid on it, but I lost weight and now would wear a large, lol. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zach-Parise-Olympic-Jersey-Size-XL-/260840375810?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item3cbb4c4602 Mike
  12. Can you tell me if the outline of the lettering is green or black? I just want to make sure before sending mine out. Thanks, Mike
  13. Once I finish scanning all 294 Broduer cards to my photobucket, I'll leave a link here so you can check them out if you wish. Mike
  14. First Devils jersey was those red practice CCM jerseys in the 90's. Loved it, but so did my ex wife and she took it. First Jersey with a name is the Broduer Rebook I wear now. First Sports jersey was my Nettles Yankees jersey. I also had a Ken O'Brien old school Jets green jersey as a kid, with the screen print lettering. I still have my Ewing Knicks Champion jersey. Mike
  15. If I can figure out how to get to you guys via public trans from NYC, I will go to all of them. Mike
  16. Thanks so much. Joined up and I look forward to looking at the site. Mike
  17. Is there a checklist somewhere on line that shows every Devils card produced? I tried Beckett, but reading that site is like trying to read Chinese algebra. Not good. Mike
  18. I collect Devils cards. I try to complete each base set. I also am working on trying to get at least 1 autographed card from any player who has been a Devil, but the player has to be pictured in a Devils jersey. Just picked up autos fron Lever and Verbeek autos from ITG. My pride and joy is my Brodeur collection. It's not that large, only over 300 cards, but I love the chase and adding to it. Brodeur is expensive, so I don't buy a lot because of it. I usually make trades or participate in group breaks. Another good card forum is tradingcardcentral.com. I've been a part of it for a few years now and there are a great group of guys there. Mike
  19. I have a Brodeur Rebook jersey. I am in the process of customizing a throwback with Brodeur's #29. I would like to eventually grab a Stevens, Dano and possibly a Lemieux jersey as well. Mike
  20. printed the article for the train ride home Mike
  21. Going to actually try and make a few of these signings this season. Even if I have to bus it from NY Port Authority. Mike
  22. I called Exclusive Pro last week and I think they said it's 6.50 per patch. Mike
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