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  1. Path is still cheaper. That said, I would still rather take NJT to games.
  2. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Stall has a look on his face that screams "Shoot Me". The Sabres third looks great though.
  3. yankeesjetsfan

    NHL 09

    I am looking forward to possibly picking it up next week. I have 08 and enjoyed it alot.
  4. Anyone know when this years promotional schedule gets announced?
  5. I may still hang around the arena and see if I can cop any autos. I may go on the 19th.
  6. I certainly second that idea. I love bobbleheads and would love a complete roster of Devils players to line my desk at work so my colleuge, whos a rags fan has to see them all day.
  7. Although I still think we need a shut down defenseman, I think Lou did a solid job this off season.
  8. I kinda like the Rage song better than the Helix song as a goal song. I think there is gotta be something better though. I would hope the Devils can come up with something better than what they had last year. I really did like Song 2 by Blur, but everyone has already used it.
  9. I been there a few times. Not enough Devils gear in my opinoin.
  10. I have always wanted to collect game used jerseys, but unfortunately, I cannot afford them. The only game used ite, I own is a Stick of Patrik Elias that I bought at the Draft Party Sale. I may stick with stick as they are more price friendly, but if I see a jersey that I can afford, I will swoop on it.
  11. Thank God. Those buildings were an eye sore.
  12. That's probably what I'm gonna do. I also want to see what givaways they will have this season and use the discounts on those games or wait for the ten dollar seats if it's a weekend game. I'm waiting for the brocuhre to come in the mail.
  13. As much as I like marty, I have seen dozens of Marty customs. Would love to see one of Zach or Elias or Madden. Very nice though.
  14. I just like Schnider cause he's such a goon. If we had him last year, no way Avery parks himself in front of Brodeur. Avery wouldhave been knocked on his butt.
  15. Any thoughts about the Schnider rumor? I wouldn't mind having him.
  16. What about among players still playing? Other than Brodeur, who gets in? I think the following upon retirement: Rolston Ralfalski Giontia Madden Elias Sykora Holik
  17. I know there was a suggestion of adding a Ring Of Fire to the Rock to honor past players who wore the sweater, but career didn't warrent a retirement of their number. I wanted to know, who would you guys put in? Aside from the obvious (Stevens, Daneyko), I would put in Brylin Lemieux Driver Johnny Mac Who else?
  18. Is camp gonna be held at the Rock?
  19. the team is named after their backstabbing, weaselly, liar-liar-pants-on-fire first owner That is hi-freakin-larious
  20. After reading the article, I gotta say the what the WWE does with the Make-A-Wish foundation is terrific. I have been a WWE fan for years and I have seen how proud Vince McMahon is about their involvment with the foundation. Wrestlers from Hogan to Austin to to the Rock to Cena have granted kids their wishes by spending time with them and giving them some smiles. I once read an article where Austin said the experiance is very humbling and how he is happy to do it each and everytime. Hopefully, the WWE and Make-A-Wish will continue their relationship for years to come. I'm sure the NHL has a relationship with them as well and I would like to see more stories like this one come out.
  21. Would be nice to see a segment with Edge rocking his red in MSG. That would cheese off the rags fans.
  22. I like this. Add the Devils logos on the sleeves or shoulders and I'd accept it as a third jersey. Good job!
  23. I'm a huge wrestling fan and have been since I was 12. I love WWE, hate TNA and want to see more ROH.
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