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  1. Lol. That's funny, but sux at the same time.
  2. I'm glad Larry is staying with the team. I hope all is well with him.
  3. I have never been one for trendy third jerseys. I don't mind a throwback day simalir to the one the Jets had this past season with them wearing the Titan colors for two games. I would love to see the Devs skate with the Green and White for a game or maybe even the old Rockies jerseys.
  4. I personally feel the devilinla should be complemented on the time and effort made to construct and send the letter out inj the first place. The fact that he got 2 responses on it shows someone in the Devils organization is willing to read and listen to the suggestions the fans may have on improving the fan base and attendence at the Rock. I really hope some of the suggestions come to fruition so that all the hard hard work done to get suggetions from the community and the effort to get the letter to the right people doesn't go for naught. I only wish I had been able to throw an idea or two on the letter.
  5. I'm glad Yankee Stadium didn't get the game. I just didn't think the final event there should be a Rags game.
  6. Wow. I'm still learning hockey terminology. A glance at this report has me dazed and confused already.
  7. That was an awesome episode and I was happy it was done in honor of a fallen policeman.
  8. Very cool. I'll have to think up a question to ask.
  9. Old Spice? My god, how cheap is this guy? Attention Duane Reede Shopper....and Sean Avery.
  10. A weekend home opener would be nice.
  11. Devil fans are the most knowledgeable Terrific arena Great Gm Greatest goaltender
  12. Great Letter DevilInLA! Lets hope they seriously consider some of the items for promotions this season.
  13. Very nice work! Keep them coming.
  14. Hope it's not true. I would have liked Rolston to return to New Jersey.
  15. I would take Rolston at that price in a heartbeat!
  16. yankeesjetsfan


    Other than Marty, Neids and maybe Elias, I really can't see any other Devil having his number retired. I do like the Ring Of Fire Idea. Players like Sarge, Lemeiux, Chico and Madden when he retires can go in there.
  17. I would believe that number. A lot more people showed up that I expected.
  18. I would love it if we can nab him. I think Parise is good for 40-60 goals a year, but he's the only goal scorer we have. I think Elias is on the downside and feel Eberle would be a nice pick up.
  19. The move to Kent went into effect just recently. I have family up in the Seattle area and I kinda did an informal poll last time I was up there at a bar. I got the same response, but was also told if they did get a team, they feel the city would support it. There are a lot of canucks fans in the Seattle area and not a lot make the 3-4 hour trek to Vancouver to watch a game. I'm not even sure if they have Canucks games on TV. I think if Seattle gets a team, they will support it.
  20. Maybe, but I really think the NHL would thrive out there. A Canucks/Seattle Rivalry would be pretty sweet for the area. I'm sure they can renovate the arena for the NHL, abeit temporary until a more sutible home can be made for them. The Thunderbirds did play there until their recent move to Kent, WA.
  21. Anyone know if Nashville is still considering a move to Seattle? I think if the Sonics leave, hockey would be a perfect replacement.
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