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  1. Other than Marty, Neids and maybe Elias, I really can't see any other Devil having his number retired. I do like the Ring Of Fire Idea. Players like Sarge, Lemeiux, Chico and Madden when he retires can go in there.

  2. I would love it if we can nab him. I think Parise is good for 40-60 goals a year, but he's the only goal scorer we have. I think Elias is on the downside and feel Eberle would be a nice pick up.

  3. The move to Kent went into effect just recently. I have family up in the Seattle area and I kinda did an informal poll last time I was up there at a bar. I got the same response, but was also told if they did get a team, they feel the city would support it. There are a lot of canucks fans in the Seattle area and not a lot make the 3-4 hour trek to Vancouver to watch a game. I'm not even sure if they have Canucks games on TV. I think if Seattle gets a team, they will support it.

  4. Maybe, but I really think the NHL would thrive out there. A Canucks/Seattle Rivalry would be pretty sweet for the area. I'm sure they can renovate the arena for the NHL, abeit temporary until a more sutible home can be made for them. The Thunderbirds did play there until their recent move to Kent, WA.

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