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  1. Any offical word on which Devils are appearing at the Party?
  2. I was very happy when I heard Marty won. Hopefully, He can get some recgonition outside NJ as the very best goalie.
  3. I'm in agreement with the bobbleheads. I finally saw the SGA bobblehead of the Devil mascot on ebay and it went for over 50.00. I also saw a Marty bobblehead SGA starting at 60.00. I would love to see the Devils give away more bobbleheads.
  4. Very pleased with Marty winning the Vezina.
  5. If I met or saw a Dev, I'd share here too.
  6. I have the 95 Stanley Cup Championship Tape and 2003 DVD. I'm looking for Games, History and video year books if they were made. How can I find stuff like this?
  7. Wish Marty would have made the cover just once. I'll be picking this up when it hits the shelves although I suck at video games. I'm good at NHL 07 on my PSP, but suck at 08 on my xbox 360. Graphics are killer though.
  8. I don't want Jager. Especially if it means cutting Gio loose.
  9. Why not? They handed out free jerseys for the blood drive.
  10. I'll be there. I need some more devils to sign my photo of center ice at CAA.
  11. I applaude his decision as well.
  12. I think the Rock is in the wrong location for Devils fans. I believe more fans live in central/lower Jersey and for them to make a 7pm puck time from downstate on a weeknight is probably too much to ask. I think promotions is a great idea. I am a Devils collector and more stuff to add to my collection is always good. Marketing is also a good idea. MAybe get the players to appear at stores or malls in the area, signing autographs, handing out tshirts and such would drum up intrest in the team as well. Above all, a winning team will always bring out the fans.
  13. I was born in 1971, so I remember the days of the Islanders winning those cups and latched on to Bossy. Reason I was an Islanders fan was because My best friends dad was a Rags fan and since I didn't have a dad and he was the closest thing to one for me I, as most kids do, rooted for the opposite team he liked. I actually stopped watching hockey during the 80's as I was focused on alot of other stuff in my life, but returned during the 89-90 season. For some reason though, I didn't watch the Isles upon my return, I watched the Devils and have been a fan ever since.
  14. What was your favorite team and who was your favorite player and would you still wear his sweater? For me it was the Islanders. I was a huge Mike Bossy guy. I still collect some of his stuff. Not sure about wearing an Icelanders jersey though. At least I wasn't a Rags fan
  15. I will definately be there. I can just take the Path train right from work and be there by 6pm. I want to grab some autos.
  16. I would have snagged a few of those if they were extra large
  17. Great article. Devs definately need help on the blueline. I'd like to see someone who's gonna knock someone around like Peluso.
  18. When is traning camp usually? Will it be at the Rock?
  19. Anyone know if/when MSG+ will be replaying games from this past season like they usually do?
  20. Isn't there a bunch of Chico Eats on the Devils site?
  21. I might be in the minority, but I wouldn't mind seeing a Chilis or a Fridays
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