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  1. Didn't see any Whalers stuff. They might have a cap, if that.
  2. I was at the signing. I got there at 10:30. At first there wasn't a line, so I hung out by the shoe section. The line formed there around 12:30 and we were kicked outside around 2. I was in the first 15 people so I got to go inside around 4:30 and he was siging by 4:55pm. I was thrilled to meet him and get to shake his hand. He only signed the picture postcard the store provided, but I'm not complaining. No, the store doesn't have the old Green, Red amd White jerseys. Really, the store lacks Devils in my opinon. They have some things, just not as much as I expected.
  3. Directly to the players. There are sites on line that you can get their addresses from or buy a book with the addresses. I'll get the link and post it here for you later tonight.
  4. I would hate to see Madden on any other team but the Devils. I was a huge Holik guy until he went to the evil side (Rangers)
  5. You could also try to write to the players in the mail asking for their autographs. I just got Mike Peluso to sign a puck for me through the mail.
  6. Can some one explain to me what a Keeper is? Thanks.
  7. I'll be there by 12. It should be a lot of people there. Not enough Devils gear in my opinon. I went to Paragon over on 18th st in Manhattan yesterday and fould more Devils gear there. Picked up a Brodeur Player T and black Devils cap.
  8. Good to know. Now I can take a train ride to the store on a weekend and pick up some Devils gear. The NHL store had practically nothing, which was surprising.
  9. I'll have to check to see if Cablevision is carrying it.
  10. I really want to check out some Ring Of Honor shows. I have heard great things about them.
  11. I think TNA has a loooooooooooong way to go before it's a good brand. There are just too many things about it I dislike. Too late90-early 2000 WCW for my taste.
  12. I bet Jeff was in line to win MITB untill his suspension. I just hope with his suspension, they keep it at 6 and do not let Khali in the match as it would be horrible. I bet Matt takes Jeff's place as I hear Matt has returned on house shows.
  13. Awesome. Thanks for the tip. I am trying to build my Devils autograph collection and figure I'd try next time I am at a game.
  14. Has anyone gotten Chico Reche and Ken Danyeko to sign autographs outside the broadcast booth during inermissions? This dude at the card store I shop at claims he gotten Chico there and I just wanted to see if anyone else had gotten autos before I tried. Plus where is the booth? I have only been to the Rock once and didn't see it when I was there.
  15. Just a heads up. I was at the NHL Store yesterday and picked up a Devils long sleeved Tee and Brodeur bracelet and a few of the guys that work there confirmed Brodeur's apperance next Tuesday. I was told to be there by 4, but since he is only signing for a hour and a half I will be there round 12. I was also told he was only signing picture postcards provided by the store. I'm gonna be happy meeting my favorite hockey player and will take the postcard willingly, but will bring a puck anyway.
  16. I'm shocked they never made the move to YES when they had the chance. With the Pre and post game coverage YES provides to the Yankees and Nets, the Devils would have been well covered. Plus they would be the only hockey team on the network so all the attention when the Nets aren't playing would be on them. On the bad side, I can see YES not showing the April games or playoffs if the YAnkees are on. I could see them "lending" the Devils to MSG so they can show those games. With no baseball teams on MSG, it might not be so bad that the Devils stayed there.
  17. I voted 2 also. I still think we have a great chance to finish with number 1, but something tells me Montreal will get that spot.
  18. Great pics by the way!
  19. You can bring a camera into the Rock. I bought mine when I went to the Caps game on the 29th.
  20. As long as Brodeur and Parise stay as hot as they have been and Elias continues his steady play, The Devils are going to be in the thick of the hunt for home ice. Also, the defense needs to continue to be solid. Lets hope White isn't out for an extended period of time either.
  21. I agree. I really don't feel any team other than the Yankees should be closing out the ballpark. To have the Rangers, who never played a game at the Stadium, original or current, close out the park boggles my mind.
  22. I plan on going to the store, probably Tuesday after work and finding out for sure. It will be my first time there and I want to see how they handle signings. You can bet a lot of people will show up for it.
  23. I have been looking for one myself. If I see any, I will PM you.
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