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  1. I have been meaning to stop in there for a while now. I may make the trip during the next week.
  2. It was heartbreaking to see Bobby in that hideous blue and white uni. I really liked Gomez when he was here, now I can't stand him.
  3. yankeesjetsfan


    I never really pay attention to Fischler anyways. I'm used to Trautwig as I have to listen to him during every Knicks game as well.
  4. Ha, I got a small cranium, so fitted hats are out for me unless they come small. I didn't get a chance to visit the Store when I was at the game last Friday, but I managed to pick up a real nice cap for 25.00 at one of the souviner stands on the concorse by the balcony level. Also grabed some pucks for autographs. Next game I go to I will stop off inside the store. I want to grab a Brodeur Tshirt.
  5. Danekyo, you were right, Blue Moon is an awesome beer.
  6. No, I should have though. I went to the Lids inside the Manhattan Mall and the Modells the next block over. Tons of Icelanders and Rangers stuff though, which is to be expected.
  7. I live in the Bronx and work in Manhattan, so as you can imagine, Devils gear is kinda hard to come by. I just picked up a Home Brodeur Jersey at Modells on 42nd St and Times Square, but want to pick up a cap. I checked a bunch of places in Manhattan, even Cosby's, but nothing. How is the prices at the Den?
  8. Happy birthday and enjoy the game.
  9. Hi everyone, I will be going to the new arena for the first time for friday's game and was wondering if there was anything intresting for me to check out, where the team store is, best food, etc. I am really looking forward to going. Thanks.
  10. Marty will have a couple of days off this week between games, so I can see him playing aainst Carolina without a problem. That said, I'd have no problem if he sat and Weeks played instead.
  11. How do you use the codes for the discounts? When I try there is no place to put the codes.
  12. Good luck on your quest in Raliegh.
  13. I collect autographs and was wondering if the Devil players are good signers. If so, where is the best place to wait for the players? I haven't been to a game at the new arena as of yet, although that will change.
  14. Is that the Cosby's right in the Garden entrence?
  15. Wish I could afford the jerseys even though I see a couple that is affordable. The sticks are at a great price and I can definately see myself picking up a couple and starting a stick collection.
  16. I dig the secondary logo and think they would look great as a third jersey. Can't stand the devil head though.
  17. Blue Moon? I'll have to try it. I'm a Bud man, think I'll enjoy Blue Moon?
  18. Thanks for the info guys. I haven't been to a game all season and really would like to get to one soon. This will help.
  19. Hi, my name is Mike and I'm a huge Devils fan since 1994. I unfortuntely got away from the sport these past couple of years, but I'm back and here to stay. I am looking to learn more about hockey and make some new friends along the way. My favorite player is Marty Broduer, Scott Stevens and Claude Lemeiux. Hope to hear from some of you. GO DEVILS!!! Mike
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