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  1. Agreed. I am a die hard Yankees fan, but I can admit that the Mets should just wear their pinstripe unis and ditch the ugly black jerseys as well as their all white unis. If they have to have a thrid jersey, why not that blue and orange bp jersey?


  2. Not just Hempstead that's giving Wang grief. The next town over is Garden City and they have been opposed to the Lighthouse, a new arena, refurbishing the Colisium, anything that would take business away from their bars and resturaunts.

    I grew up a fan of the Islanders cause Bossy was my guy. When he retired and I stopped watching hockey a while and came back a Devils fan, I never stopped watching the Isles. I hope they get something out of Nassau county cause they don't deserve that team. Let Wang prosper in Suffox cty or Queens.


  3. Have to disagree Zerogravity, The Islanders have one of the better logos in all the NHL.

    Not liking that alt too much. Looks like a bootleg jersey you would buy in Walmart. I would rather they went to the "Orange Crush" Third Alt.


  4. Friend of mine gave me a late xmas gift of an old video of the first 10 years of Devils Hockey. Loved it. had highlights of the first game, first goal scored, the 'Hawks game, talked about the players that were important to the teams history like Chico, Verbeek, Johnny Mac, Burke, Mulder, etc. The video I watched sounds like it was worlds ahead of the MSG special. I still want to see it though, but wont break my neck looking for it.


  5. Yankees had a piece of the Devils at one point. When YES started up, I was praying they would be shown on their, but it didn't happen. Doubt they ever will. MSG owns the rights to ALL NY area teams, including the Sabres.


  6. Personally, the only reason why I would like early access is to get on line for the autographs. Last time I went, I wasted too much time in the equipment area and missed out on the autographs. I'm hoping there will be some players I need showing up this year.


  7. Agreed. I definitely think it's worth it to add the intros and goal songs.

    BTW, if you don't mind me asking, what site did you use?

    I'd be intrested in knowing myself.


  8. I have only played 09 and enjoyed that emmensely. I might pick up 12, but as someone said earlier, I would like to see the goal songs played when scoring a goal, plus I'd like to see the Red and Green jerseys.

    Also, have they started calling the Garden, Madison Square Garden yet?


  9. It's the thing on the left in this photo.. I'd say it holds about 3 to 4 pitchers worth, and it dispenses the beer out the bottom in much the same way that an office cooler does.. It's a good deal and fun to order for a group


    Holy Guacamole!! I probably wouldnt be able to walk out after consuming one of those. Crawl to Newark Penn is more like it.


  10. Seattle could definately support an NHL team. I can see them getting one and sticking it to Stern and the NBA by building a new arena up there, especially after Stern has said that the NBA will never return to Seattle.

    That city is clamoring for a team to follow in Jan and Feb once the chicken hawks season is done. They lost their basketball team and are forced to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder play into the playoffs when that should have been their team. That has to suck on so many levels. I can see the city throwing their love and solidly supporting an NHL franchise.


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