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  1. I'm here now, about to give a double dose. Mike
  2. Would you guys rather LeMaire come back or maybe give someone like Kirk McLean a shot at coaching? Or maybe a veteran coach? Mike
  3. Can't really enjoy a hockey game on TV unless Doc is calling the action. Congrats! Mike
  4. T-shirts are great in the warmer weather days, but not when your coming from the city, using public trans and it's in the 30's. That's when a Jersey comes in handy. Mike
  5. So, I finally buy the CCM Throwback jersey through NHL.com and I notice this jersey is lighter than the Reebok Premier Replica jerseys. I'm actually a bit concerned if this jersey is going to hold up to the customization process. Here's the jersey Here's me wearing it Came out a little big on me, but I can live with that. Now, I have to hunt for the 75th Anniversery patch and pray I find the Devils 10th anniversery patch for the back. Never understood why the devils put it on the lower back, but oh well. Mike
  6. So, I was in the NHL Store in NYC yesterday. I was looking around and came across the throwback jerseys. I looked at the first one and saw they actually had a Brodeur #29. I didn't know these were made for retail. Anyone else see these before? Mike
  7. I'm just planning on getting Brodeur #29 on it. I'm not a huge fan of knockoffs, but I do agree with you that in the case of the patches it would be fine. I will definately make a call to them before I do business with them. Problem is, I have been scouring the internet looking for refrence photos from that year and have not found a one. Anyplace I should be looking? This is too big for me, but I figured I'd post it incase anyone else wanted to check it out. http://cgi.ebay.com/NWOT-VINTAGE-XMAS-COLORS-WHITE-HOME-BRODEUR-29-XXL-/260749024459?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item3cb5da5ccb Mike
  8. Lol, yeah I realized that after I sent the response. Stupid me Mike
  9. I was at the last one and got the practice jersey. I made the mistake of drinking after as it was the same day as the NFL Draft and I went to a bar to watch it. Got a huge headache. I wont be drinking again after. Where is the viewing party at? Hopefully it's close to the arena cause I don't own a car and wont be able to get any place far. Mike
  10. Thanks. I'm gonna stick with Exclusive Pro and just get the patches off ebay. Mike
  11. Awesome. I made mine later since I will be taking the Path from the city and the subays move a bit slower on weekends. Mike
  12. I just made my appointment. 10am. Will be my second time donating with the Devils. Mike
  13. I'd kill to be able to buy a white throwback. Mike
  14. I remember Terreri stopping shots at practice earlier in the season. I wonder how many Zach scored on him, lol. Mike
  15. Seems that NHLstore.com has the throwbacks in my size now and my buddy is ordering one for my birthday present. Now, the lettering. A friend over on the spawn forum suggests Dorholt, but I remember them as having the real bad Devils Knockoff. Anyone ever use them for just lettering? They also have the 75th anniversery patch and Devils 10th anniversery patch, which is why I am considering them. That way, I can get the patch work done at the same place. Another guy on Spawn claims he got his Kovi lettering done with NHLshop and claims they are swen on and look great. Needless to say, I am conflicted over what to do. Mike
  16. If ypu can PM me a pic of the jersey and an asking price, we can go from there. Thanks. Mike
  17. Thanks for the advice. What I'm probably going to do is have them send it to me, then I'll go back and look at some of the previous posts about where to send the jersey for lettering and investigate. Then I have to still pick up a 75th NHL Anniversery patch to go along with it and I think there was another patch in the back of the jersey. Mike
  18. Well, I just called NHL Shop and was told they are expecting more Xmas jerseys in on 3/5. I'll order mine then and send it off to get it cusomized. The rep actually told me that they sew on the letters if I was to customize it, but I'm not sure I trust that. Mike
  19. I'm looking for a plain in xl. I want to customize it to a Brodeur #29. I found the 75th NHL anniversery patch on ebay so I can buy that and send it off with the jersey to get the letting done at a reputable place that I have seen recommended here. Mike
  20. I have been trying to find the red and greens on ebay for a good price and failed time and time again. How do you find them? Mike
  21. I can see both sides. I would prefer to have a jersey that looks as close to the real thing as possible, but I too don't have 250.00 to blow away on a jersey. I have two jerseys. An Edge replica Brodeur I bought at Models and a practice jersey the Devils gave away at a blood drive 2 years ago. I really want an xmas tree Brodeur, but will not shell out big bucks for it, nor will I buy a cheap looking knockoff. But I will say this, if I found a knockoff that looked just as good as the 250.00 authentic, I'd buy it. Mike
  22. I'm kinda curious about this. I will look at this later and hopefully form an opinion then. Mike
  23. Is that the play where Comeau got the concussion cause that's what I was refering to. Mike
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