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  1. I think it was the elbow by Talbot to Comeau that started all this, not the fact that DP got his face caved in. Not for nothing, I'm glad the Isles stood up for themselves. The Pens had this coming to them after laughing at them and calling them the laughingstocks of the NHL. My god, the Pens announcers are just as (censored) as Crosby. Calling them the league's embarassment and Gillies an animal. I wonder what they said about the hit on Comeau when it happened. The Pens fans are crying about this too. I love it. Mike
  2. I keep checking nhl.com shop for the ccm throwbacks and they still don't have them in an xl. I'm really hoping they get some in before the 18th. I want to be able to use that 100 gift card my friend gave me for xmas on it. Mike
  3. I have always wanted to do the playoff beard, so I pleadge to finally grow one this year if they get in. Mike
  4. I feel bad for DiP, but it does serve the Islanders franchise right for picking him over Luango. Mike
  5. As Han Solo once said, I've got a bad feeling about this.... Mike
  6. Well see how this works. He has a slow fastball and is a flyball ptcher. Never a good combo. Mike
  7. Did Mitchell & Ness make a Devils throwback? I seen this one and thought about bidding on it. http://cgi.ebay.com/Authentic-New-Jersey-Devils-Mitchell-Ness-Throwback-48L-/320648551286?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item4aa8249b76 Mike
  8. Thanks so much for the refrence photos. I had found the 75th anniversery patch on ebay and was set to pick it up until a quick visit to the NHL Shop showed all they had was small and medium. Urggggg! I called and a rep claimed there was no timetable on when they would be getting anymore of the jerseys in in my size (XL). I'm hoping they will get more in before 3/18 so I can buy it and have it customized by then. Mike And the ones that come straight from the factory can't be corrected, yes? Mike
  9. I dont think I'd be too worried when his contract is up either. At age 37, most players are thinking either retirement or are willing to take a smaller contract, dollar-wise, to continue playing for another year or 2. I would love to see Patty retire a Devil and have his number raised to the rafters. Mike
  10. From what I heard, out of the three B's, Brackman is the closest to being major league ready and he's projected by Cashman to be a bullpen guy. I hope I read wrong on that cause Cash was so proud of the young arms in the system. Would hate that there is not a top flight starter among them. Mike
  11. Never mind, someone grabbed it before I could. Here's another I was looking at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120675502370&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT What do you think? Fake? Mike
  12. Can't find pics of Marty's first game anywhere. Need to see jersey he wore that night. HELP!

  13. I dont get paid until Monday. Looks like I'm missing this deal Mike
  14. Thanks Devilsfan26 for the tip. I have another question. I'm looking at a CCM Red Jersey on ebay, but it already has letters and number sewn into it. If I buy the jersey, can I have the letters and numbers replaced or would it look bad? Mike
  15. I would hope the Rock outsold Izod. Other than concerts, what goes on over there? If Izod outsold the Rock, I'd be worried, Mike
  16. can I get a link to that article please? Mike
  17. Honestly, I dont think he is a starter. His last time in the rotation, he barely went 5 innings before he went kaput. He just didn't have that aura as a starter that he did when he first came up. Mike
  18. At this point, as long as I can get to the city and its a better area than where I live (I'm in the Fordham section of the Bronx), I'm open for anyplace. I've went to a sports bar in Hazlet last year to watch the Jets Opening game. My friend lives in the next town over, Aderdeen. Both areas are real nice. Mike
  19. I went with C as well due to the start of the month. Mike
  20. Oh, yes I would be willing to bus it in from the city. Train is first option, but for a great apt in a very nice town I would bus it. Mike
  21. Now the Yankees are going to have 2 pitchers (Prior and Colon) who were out of baseball with injuries all last season. Not a huge fan of this move. I'm praying that Petitte comes back for one more season. Mike
  22. yankeesjetsfan

    Fan Club trip

    I wish I had a better job so I could go on these trips. Would love to do Toronto. Devils/Leafs game and a visit to the HOF. Mike
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