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  1. Thanks for the tip. I was looking at Edison before, but was not sure about the town, since I never been. All I really know is Newark, North Bergan and Paramus. None of which I want to live. Maybe Paramus. Mike
  2. Loved it. Only drawback was that I had to see Sid and that stupid mustache. It was funny hearing him swear. Kinda like a little kid swaering just to be big man. Mike
  3. Been there once before. Friends work in JC and I met up with them after work a year ago and watched the Devils/Pens over tall mugs of beer and sausage. I liked the place and need to get back there. Mike
  4. Yeah, a car is definately something I need to look into as well. Thanks for the tips. I was looking to check into north and central Jersey, so I have a few towns to check out. Mike
  5. I think your right. They gave out Elias, Marty and Kovi signed pucks. I was kicking myself for being to scared to try the trivia cause I stink at trivia, yet I knew all the answers. Would have loved the Marty for my Brodeur collection. Mike
  6. Being that I am in NYC and can't get to these events (I don't own a car), is mail order an option? Mike
  7. You might be right about that. The place was pretty small. So small in fact that the band they hired after the game was playing right behind my seat. Mike
  8. By the end of 2011, I should be making my long awaited move out of the Bronx. Where to is still up in the air. I would prefer to stay in NY, either on LI or Westchester county, but I am intregued by New Jersey. I would be looking to move to a burb that has a train station to get me to NYC so I can go to work and see family. Would also prefer to stay out of the slums. Moving from one to another is not what I have in mind. My limit for an apt is $1,000, but if electric was included I could go higher. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike
  9. I'm a huge Spidey fan (I have a Spidey tat). I too was let down by Spiderman 3 and, to be honest, I feel it's too soon for a reboot. Granted, Rami just destroyed the franchise with that film alone, but a new director could have salvaged it and kept the storyline going. Unles you tell me that a reboot would revive the franchise (ie, Batman), then it's too soon. After seeing the photos, I can honestly say I hate the new outfit. Not sure what to make of the weird looking spider on his chest and the way the weblines down his arm seem to go off in diffrent directions. Plus, after seeing the new lead, me thinks they're going for Spiderman:Twilight. Mike
  10. I'd keep him unless you get a really good offer. Mike
  11. Nice read. I've only been to Hoboken once and that was for a Devils viewing party last season. Can't remember the name of the bar, but it was a fun place. I'd love to go again. Mike
  12. Nabby's an idiot. He had the chance to use this season to play for another NHL contract next season and he probably blew it with his, "I'm better than the Islanders" routine. Your a hockey player, play hockey. I for one would love to get paid to play. Plus, the Islanders have a pretty good nucleus of young talent in Tavares, Baily and Okposo. Who's to say they can't go on a run in the second half with a decent goalie? Mike
  13. Were the fonts they used on the jerseys last season the exact same ones as the ones used in the early 90's? Where can I get a pic of the fonts to send off with the jersey? Mike
  14. I can imagine. I know it would tick me off plenty if I got it back and it had the incorrect font. Thanks for the tip because I would have thought they would have known just by the jersey alone. Mike
  15. How long does Exclusive Pro take and what's the cost? Mike
  16. I got a late, generous xmas gift from this girl that kinda has a thing for me. A 100.00 gift card to NHL Store. I want to get the CCM Xmas Tree jersey with Brodeur and #29 on the back. Do I get NHL Store.com to do the lettering or should I order it plain and ship it someplace else for sewn on lettering, which is what I perfer. Mike
  17. Haven't really caught much of The Fly this season. That would stink if this is what happened. I'll check tonight and see if i see it. Mike
  18. Just wants a strong end to this miserable season. Go Devs!

  19. Too bad Stevens wont take more of an active coaching role. You think had he been on the staff he would have taken this lacksidasical play? This team needs a Scotty Stevens-like captain that cares enough instead of one that just goes through the motions and complains when things aren't going his way. Mike
  20. Yeah, with the holidays coming up, it might not be the best time for me to snag it. I hope he finds someone that would cherish it. I appreciate the lookout Quinn. Mike
  21. I collect Martin Brodeur. I have close to 300 cards, Some Mcfarlanes and a few other things. I'm always looking for stuff to add. Figures, cards, autographs, pucks, Magazines,etc. If you guys are looking to unload any Brodeur items, please let me know. Thanks, Mike
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