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  1. I'm probably gonna do a flex plan this season. If not, then I'll go the stubhib route. I will be there opening night, even if I have to wait on the ten dollar line like I did 2 seasons ago. Mike
  2. That moose is hi-freaken-larious! Mike
  3. Thanks Breeze. I appreciate the links. Mike
  4. I cringe whenever I see the trailer for Legandary. WWE is trying it's darndest to make Cena a legitmate actor and it's an epic fail. Mike
  5. I hate that tickets always go on sale a week BEFORE I get paid. When does the SGA Schedule come out? Mike
  6. Anyone know a good site where I can see various goalie masks over the years? I was watching the Goalie mask special off NHL Network and would like to learn more about styles and who wore which masks. Thanks, Mike
  7. Honestly, I would let him finish out his contract. He's still a very good player and can score 25-30 goals in a good year. Mike
  8. Park wasn't going to help the Islanders reach the next level. Let them give the roster spot to another player who can help them. Mike
  9. Remember, Mo, Girardi, Pettitte, Javy and Swisher are free agents as well. I dont see them letting Mo walk. Pettitte is always year to year and they'll resign him if he comes back. Swish, I feel should be resigned. Javy needs to go. NY is not for him and if Girardi wants to leave for Chicago, I'd let him go too. Mike
  10. Isn't there a chance that last season was just a bad year for Rolston and he finds that "spark" he once had? Mike
  11. I was a huge Vinny fan and still am. Mike
  12. Jeter's contract will probably be anywhere from 75-100 for 3-4 years and the Yanks will pay it too. Imagine the public relations nightmare if they let him walk. Mike
  13. Sorry dude. I thought I was being vague about it. My apologies. Mike
  14. I agree about Lohan. Not sure what she was doing in this flick and in the one part yu want to see her in was a double. What's up with that? Mike
  15. I love Starter jackets. I even miss those bulky caps of the 90's. Mike
  16. Guess I'll have to be a bit more paitent then Mike
  17. I got to see Machete on Sunday. I thought it was a good movie. A nice throwback to the 70's action flicks except there was more gore and boobs. A total guy flick. I'm just sorry my date decided to see it, lol. She was fine with it. She claims she knew what to expect from a Robert Rodriguez flick. Mike
  18. Jets still have Edwards and Cotchery, plus LaDamien can catch passes out of the backfield as well. Its just a matter of Sanchez being able to throw the ball to them. I do agree that this will be a ground and pound game, but still think the Jets can come on top in this one by a low score. Mike
  19. Wow, after seeing slapshot, I'd be in favor for replacing him with NJ, even if he didn't get all touchy feely. That's a horrible mascot. Mike
  20. As someone who missed out, what was Slapshot supposed to be? If NJ Devil retires, is Chuck the Duck next in line? Mike
  21. YES!! I hated to see T-rich cut, and I hope to see him back. But, I'm happy to hear Revis Island is open for business. Mike
  22. I'll probably pick up a tshirt within the next couple of weeks. Mike
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