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  1. Also saw Machete on Saturday and thought it was a damn fun movie. Everything the Expendables promised but didn't deliver on, Machete was pure campy grindhouse fun and it worked on almost every level. While some bit just didn't work, such as every scene featuring Lindsay Lohan, but that's a small quibble in a very entertaining way to end the summer season. Definately worth checking out!

    I agree about Lohan. Not sure what she was doing in this flick and in the one part yu want to see her in was a double. What's up with that?


  2. I got to see Machete on Sunday. I thought it was a good movie. A nice throwback to the 70's action flicks except there was more gore and boobs. A total guy flick. I'm just sorry my date decided to see it, lol. She was fine with it. She claims she knew what to expect from a Robert Rodriguez flick.


  3. Jets still have Edwards and Cotchery, plus LaDamien can catch passes out of the backfield as well. Its just a matter of Sanchez being able to throw the ball to them. I do agree that this will be a ground and pound game, but still think the Jets can come on top in this one by a low score.


  4. Great read Beezer. I agree on a lot of points you made. I also think the rb situation will be better this season. Sanchez worries me. He's either been over throwing or under throwing the recievers and is still trying to force the ball into double coverage. The INTs need to come down this season for this team to succeed.

    The d will be one of the best in the nfl and will be better when Pace comes back from his injury. I'm a huge Leonhard fan. The guy is in almost every play and will be even better this season.

    Special teams will be fine as long as Westhof is coaching this unit. I can almost guarentee Folk will not be kicking for us midseason. Lettinf Feely walk was a mistake.


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