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  1. I think the Jets will either win double digit games or implode and struggle to win 8 games. Sanchez has been inconsitant in Pre Season, missing targets frequently and that scares me. LT looks like he's been rejuvinated and, so far, Holmes and Edwards has been a pretty good one two punch. The defense will probably lead the league again, although losing Pace will hurt. I'm hoping Taylor will be able to step up. I'm also a little scared at the thought of Folk trying to nail a 45 yard FG attempt. I see positives in this team, but I also see some things that worry me.


  2. I'm hoping the Dodgers finally trade Lily to the Yankees so that the rotation can have some solid pitching behind CC, Hughes and Nova. Once Pettitte comes back, that could be the starting 4 for the playoffs unless Lilly comes over. Then Nova would be in the pen.

    If the Dodgers still think they're in the hunt for a playoff spot, then I'm not sure why they put Lilly on the waiver wire if they arent going to trade him.


  3. PRO

    NHL - Devils

    NFL - Jets

    MLB - Yankees

    NBA - Knicks

    Soccer - Don't watch


    FB - I made a promise to my buddy I would pick a team and watch a season of college football. I have tentively pick Rutgers although UConn looks like a team to watch as well.

    BB - none

    HOCKEY - none


    PLAYER - Martin Brodeur, Mark Teixeira, Tino Martinez, Roberto Clemente, Mark Sanchez, Claude Lemieux, Scott Stevens

    HEAD COACH - Joe Torre

    ALL TIME - 96 Yankees, 95 Devils, 98 Jets, 94 Knicks

  4. Here are my ten favorites

    1-A Hard Days Night

    2-The Beatles First US Visit

    3-Elvis:One Night With You

    4-The Rutles:All You Need Is Cash

    5-This Is Spinal Tap

    6-Jailhouse Rock

    7-Kiss:The Second Coming

    8-Dazed and Confused

    9-The Doors

    10-Depeche Mode 101

    There are a few I can't think of now that I'll probably slap myself in the head for not including.



  5. Sprint's customer service sucks as well. All of their reps are over seas and all was apologize to death over problems. Although they usually get the problem solved, it takes a year and a half to get transfered to the correct dept and once fixed, the same problems arise not too soon after.

    I just read a review on cnet.com for the Samsung Epic. Not too impressed, so I think I'm gonna spring for the Evo. Just not too crazy about paying an extra 10.00 for 4g service when there isn't any in NY. I wont spring 29.99 per month for the mobile wifi hot spot though. That's retarded.


  6. Why do you think that most hockey jerseys make for terrible knockoffs? I have seen Jets and Yankees knockoffs that look just as good as the legits, but with hockey, someone always points out what's wrong with the jersey and that seems to happen alot more with hockey then any other sport.


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