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  1. I live in Phoenix and have had a chance to watch every Coyotes game this season so I thought I would chime in here... Wolski is a perennial underachiever which is why Colorado, and now Phoenix has unloaded him. While he has potential, the time is running out on him to finally become a reliable scorer. Plus, he has a bit of a hot head and is ultimately why the Avs traded him in the first place. Phoenix now has better depth on defense, which they have lacked since losing Zbynek Michalek to Pittsburgh. They needed a puck mover and someone they can slot into the powerplay and Roszival is that guy. Now they can give Lepisto, Schlemko, and Ekmann-Larsson some additional nights off, as the three have often rotated in and out of the third defensive pairing. Good deal today for the Yotes, and in my opinion, if Tortorella can't get Wolski going now, nobody will, and he will be out of the NHL in a couple seasons.
  2. Brad Bombardir also captained the Wild during one of their rotating captaincies...
  3. Adrian Dater of the Denver Post already confirmed via Twitter the Avs have ZERO interest in Kovy...
  4. Attendance was "pathetic" because they lost almost 3k season ticket holders who weren't sure if the team was going to be in Glendale for the entire season. In August, the Coyotes couldn't even guarantee a refund. Their attendance steadily improved all year and they sold out their last 8 games at Jobing.com Arena.
  5. Do you actually WATCH the games? When you don't score, you don't win! How do you blame Marty when the whole fvckin team, aside from Kovy played like they were skating in exhibition games in September? The issues stem from the coach out. This team has a great nucleus and can build around Parise and Zajac. Changes have to be made but it's hilarious to me how retarded your analysis is. Is Marty the same goaltender from a few years ago, no. But how do you devote a thread to one of the only reasons why we remain competitive EVERY YEAR? Maybe watch some hockey games before you lay blame on one guy. You obviously don't know much about this team.
  6. I can't wait till Rangers, Flyers and Canes fans come to our board and see how ridiculous you all sound. I'm pissed too but bringing up Marty's personal issues is beyond disgusting. Fvck that. You aren't a Devils fan if you can say that on a board full of Devils fans who love this team through the thick and thin.
  7. I am so embarrassed to be a Devils fan right now. CHOKE. That word will forever be associated with this team. They had something special going all season and this is what they pull out of their fvckin vag1nas in GAME FVCKIN SEVEN??? GREAT FVCKIN SEASON YOU MORONS.
  8. ClutchDevil30

    Hey Marty

    Yea which is why he took a pay cut a couple of years back so the Devils wouldn't be up against the CAP and they could build a team... you're right, that isn't team first. Shut up.
  9. I'll be at the game too! Flying from Colorado to L.A. and catching the Ducks game tomorrow as well before heading back to school in Arizona! GO DEVILS!
  10. It is time for a MAJOR shakeup. I realize we are not healthy right now but wow - Pando, Gio, Langs, Zubrus, Elias - USELESS! THis team has tons of talent and if it isn't being utilized correctly it IS the coach. I am so frustrated with this situation and I never even thought it till right this second but it's time to find another GM who is up to par with the Detroits, Penguins and even the Coyotes (who know how to draft and build a team). I won't bash Lou cuz he has done a whole hell of as lot for this franchise but he offers ZERO new insight into what it takes to build a post-lockout team. And if it's not Sutter's fault for the lack of discipline it is Lou's for not stepping on his toes a bit to let him know what must be done to make this team compete night in and night out. Sorry, this is a major vent but it was a much needed one... Gio and Langs must go - Gio cannot shoot worth sh!t and Langs can't make anything happen. His head is always down and puck between his skates. We have plenty of guys to built this team around (Parise, Zajac, Vrana, Bergfors, Oduya). Its time to sell the underachievers mentioned above and start looking towards drafting a goaltender and some D-men. Any thoughts on our scouting? How many guys have come through here and been a huge bust? Granted, we know how to find the Parises of he draft but our farm looks awful. ITS TIME FOR NEW BLOOD ALL AROUND!
  11. Exactly - as horrible as this is, it forces us to look at the post-Brodeur era and means Lou must find a way to keep us competitive. This could be inroads to getting J-Bow here to Jersey. Something will be done and i think, as you do, we need to "shore up the back" and protect Weekes. Oh and on a sidenote i'm glad we finally all figured out how to spell Weeks, I mean Weekes.
  12. The goaltenders have way too much to worry about from a preparation standpoint anyway. Plus, the goaltender is not on the bench - how can the verbal leader motivate guys on the bench? This has to be a position player as much as I think Brodeur deserves the captaincy. And who cares? We all know he is the unofficial captain of the Devils anyway.
  13. As much as I loved him as a player, this is one of the biggest asses of the hockey community. He lives out here in Phoenix and is at the ice rinks for his kid and everyone who know him, including myself, know him to be one of the worst type of person you would want around a team. Do not bring him to the Devs front office! Ha, just like Jagr has no place on the team??
  14. Hey, I'm going to start an EASHL team on NHL 09. Who wants to play? If you're halfway decent at NHL 09, reply and lets start a team!
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