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  1. Fantasy Football 2017 Draft Finished!

    I will keep QB Marcus Mariota 10th round pick and I will pick #4 overall Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 2010 MLB Playoffs Thread

    +1 Way overdue for a great pitcher... Prediction: Phillies in a breeze..in 5 over whomever comes out of the AL..and you thought Lou just cared about Panera
  3. LTIR Announcement Watch

    Man that soup was DELICIOUS!
  4. LTIR Announcement Watch

    Can I just enjoy my French Onion soup first?
  5. LTIR Announcement Watch

    Listen, I had a long summer dealing with Bettman and his cronies in regards to Ilya Kovalchuk, can I please have a moment to relax and exhale here at Panera Bread?
  6. Caption This.

    Ill give you the facts: I was dreaming of a Cuban Chicken Panini from Panera Bread.
  7. Since there really isn't much to do today and the Blizzard of the Decade is upon us (although I will be able to zip around in my Mercedes that I purchased from Globe Mercedes anytime I so please, and possibly get some soup at Panera bread to warm up the day)...I wanted to allow some time for all of you doubters time to soak it all in. So some of you say I am too old to do this job anymore? Shame on you. Some of you say that Lou can never pull the trigger on a trade to land a big time superstar? Wrong again. I want you all to understand that my track record speaks for itself. And please understand that while the start of the Ilya era has not produced the wins that I was hoping for, I am working around the clock to make the New Jersey Devils the best team in the NHL and return us to past glory. All the doubters show yourselves and remember that I rule with an iron fist! Sincerely, Lou
  8. Louis Lamoriello State of Address

    Imposer, what is a 'State Of Address' What are you addressing? Of? The State? What? State of the Team Address maybe? Lou
  9. Devils Sign Ilkka Pikkarainen

    You are welcome.
  10. Comprehensive Free Agent Signing Thread

    As a matter of fact I do...got a ketchup stain on my sleeve..damn good burger though, very tasty
  11. Good morning Devils fans, First off I want to thank you for your support, it really means a lot to me personally and to everyone in the organization. Yes this was a difficult season for all of us in the New Jersey Devils family to endure, as our season came to a abrupt and stunning end. But make no mistake about it, I will work diligently to improve this roster over the offseason and give Devils fans reasons to be excited about the upcoming season. Let me start by addressing an issue I have been made aware of by others within the organization: Despite bring back old Devils from the past such as Brian Rolston and Brendan Shanahan, we are not looking to become the Devils circa 1995. While Jacques Lemaire is a dear friend of mine and I have tremendous admiration for him and what he did for our franchise, do not buy into the rumors and innuendos that are floating around that it is a given that Jacques is returning to coach the Devils. We are continuing our search and will not rest until we find the best person for the job. I know some of you were upset that we did not make a push for Chris Pronger or Jay Bouwmeester. While I do recognize the need to add a elite defenceman to our roster, I will not overpay which in turn would be a detriment to our organization. Having said this, we will continue to look for other viable options as Midnight approaches. I welcome you to offer any suggestions or ideas, as we want to hear the voice of the fans, and do take seriously what you have to say. Also, I need good lunch suggestions for this week, as I need to ensure I am well fed for the days ahead. Excuse me as I get the oil changed on my Mercedes. Sincerely, Lou P.S. Remember that I am the ORIGINAL Lou, accept NO substitutions!!
  12. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    I could have not said it any better myself. I am here for the fans. It is obvious this imposer needed attention and needed to create a screename to follow me. All it took was a simple search prior to registering to know I am already here.
  13. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    Who are you to come on this message board AFTER me and imitate me and tell me that I do not belong on this message board? I for one feel you are just full of fancy words etc and do not offer the fans what they need at this time. Young man? How old are you, 90? That has a nice ring to it. I am working on the 1995 marketing angle...oops, I was not supposed to say that....
  14. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    I was always fond of HE HATE ME...considering that so many hate me as it is.
  15. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    That is a real nice belt. Is that an XFL jersey I see? How can I have envy of myself? How can a poser of me in the flesh be more consistent? Your riddles are quite amusing.
  16. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    I am not sure if I want to see this. I would feel very bad for Louis as he would be trounced.
  17. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    Why do you think I am still so young and full of energy? Maybe for game nights I will go for the cobb salad. This time of the year it is grease time!
  18. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    Wow, that was pretty harsh. Are you feeling ok now that you are taking in the ambiance of the Calgary skyline?
  19. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    Appearances can be deceiving. I will stick with the 10 wings. You know, with the economy and all.
  20. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    Your priorities: 1. Not coaching well enough to beat Carolina 2. Quitting 3. Homesick I am going to Hooter's for lunch...you see, your lack of preparation for not knowing that information is another reason I am glad you are gone
  21. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    You know they do have some tasty wings...and I can keep up with the sports news on ESPN...sold!
  22. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    It is June 30th. See, I do not bail on my team because I am homesick. I stick. Plus, it is my understanding that the UFA period has not started yet... And my stomach is grumbling, I need lunch ideas. Anyone?
  23. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    That is simply impossible for him to know. I go commando.
  24. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    I just delivered Oduya while posting here...check out my multi-tasking skills. Any questions?
  25. Ok I know a lot of you are itching for moves

    Oh you mean surrounding you with talent and inflating your numbers? You are welcome.