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  1. I think its a good thing when we have to complain about minor things while we are winning. Bahl/Holtz should not be 7th & 13th consistently. You are not doing them any good right now with them out of the lineup. I would argue that Bahl should be playing over Smith. Smith may even have had a negative drag on Severson's offensive production... The whole Boqvist playing Center bit is probably due to playing Haula on Jack's wing because Haula is taking the majority of the faceoffs. Zetterlund has come in and taken Holtz's spot. Seems like thats where Holtz is being left out and right now, and Mercer/Sharan getting "demoted" there is less room for Holtz. I would argue that Johnsson should be our 13th and Holtz should be down. But I guess from a cap savings perspective this seems like what they want to do. It may be time for Holtz to go down and Tyce to come up maybe?
  2. At some point they are going to need to sh!t or get off the pot with some of these "near" prospects that can't crack our lineup. If guys like Bahl, Walsh, Foote ETC can't crack the lineup, maybe we can trade them for some picks or something that can help us now.
  3. When was the last time we totally iced a healthy squad?
  4. Mild to moderate (grade 1 or 2) tears or strains can heal within three to eight weeks with diligent home therapy. For a grade 3 hamstring tear or strain, recovery may be as long as three months.
  5. you guys have to remember we usually have a few key starters out with injuries... i wouldn't trade that depth unless they absolutely have to .
  6. Favorite Artem? Barbosha or Shlaine?
  7. If Slafkovsky is 6'4" 229 lbs at the combine, where is he going to be when he physically matures? you can't think this is it for him. What if he gets to 6'5" 245 lbs? He would be a unicorn....
  8. Well - this next year for him is a make or break IMO on whether he will be with the team long term or be shown the door. Let's hope he can repeat his play from the last year he played, unlike Zacha
  9. When I say realistic, it's not what I want, but what I am expecting lol! Years of failure and getting my expectations up leave me a little jaded Needs to stay healthy, play within his role, and not take stupid penalties.
  10. In regards to Bernier - he is 4.125 contracted through next year. At a minimum he won't be ready for camp and will be LTIR'ed. If indeed Fitzy is going to address goaltending, he is the one that is not back... I just don't seem thrilled with any of the options
  11. I know there is an off-season thread, but I was trying to figure out how our off-season "End Game" would look as Fitz puts together his Opening Day Lineup There is probably my realistic view & my dream view.... I'll share both Realistic Bratt - Hughes - Sharangovich Wood - Hischier - Mercer Tatar - Boqvist - Zetterlund Johnsson - McLeod - Bastian Ex - Kuokkenen Hamilton - Graves Severson - Sigenthaler Okhotyuk - Smith Ex - Bahl/Walsh Blackwood Daws ----------------------------- Dream Tkachuk - Hughes - Sharangovich Bratt - Hischier - Mercer Mikheyev - Boqvist - Zetterlund Wood - McLeod - Bastian Ex: Foote/Kuokkenen Hamilton - Zadarov Severson - Sigenthaler Okhotyuk - Graves Ex: Smith/Bahl Vanecek Blackwood In both scenarios, I do not see Holtz making the team out of camp, and if we keep the # 2 - I do not see that pick starting in the NHL.
  12. I know you all may think its stupid in one way or another. Bottom line is, people are getting vaccinated, cases and hospitalizations are down, and we all need to start to get back to normal life. Teams need to get fans back in the seats. If you are in a supermarket, you are not tested to get in and you are within 6 feet of people all of the time moving around. If there are 1700 fans in the building, the team will space them out to where they are not in soemone elses space when sitting. Thats all you are asking for. Anything else is no more dangerous that going out to a store. In 1-2 months time, instead of 6 Pct in NJ being vaccinated, it will be closer to 20 pct. People will want to get back out and go on trips, go to sporting events etc. It is time.... BUT - remember it is a personal choice. If you dont like it, don't go.
  13. Can you confirm how it is the # 20 pick. Seems like Vancouver is still in, no?
  14. Here is my question. What is best case and worst case drafting scenario this year? Best case - AZ loses playin, MTL or Chicago win lottery. Devils pick -#10 Vancouver wins play in, but loses first rd of playoffs. Devils pick around 16-18?? Worst Case - Arizona loses play in but wins lottery. Ari picks 1 vancouver loses play in we would lose 2 1st rd draft picks in a stacked draft but then get 2 unprotected picks next year. I for one am sick of kicking the can down the road. we need a little more magic on our side
  15. It's about a 25% chance for each pick. I guess if memory serves me right that would be a 1/64 chance of this happening. Which brings it to 1.5%. Is it possible, yes, probably no. But you are right, I bet you one of those teams move up!
  16. Anyone think that the league will have a PR problem if when the lottery hits on 6/26, all 3 picks come from teams in the play in round. Would look REALLY bad for them IMO. Then you may have fans rooting for their teams to lose in play in. 3 shots out of 8 (37.5 %) to get into the top 3!!
  17. Yep - 100 % true. Now lets say they both lose in the play in round, I guess that could benefit us significantly, no?
  18. Devils should not accept anything less than the # 10 overall pick for the Coyotes. By them "making the playoffs" they have the chance of moving up significantly, therefore affecting our pick number. I hope the devils argue this and it is addressed.
  19. I also saw a suggested to roll back to 68 games and whereevr they were at 68 is the end of the season. In that scenario buffalo passes us for 6th worst and we are 7th
  20. When you make a deal like Zibanejad and a 2nd for Brassard and a 7th, Fall into the likes of Fox and Panarin and then are able to trade guys like Hayes and Zuccarello for what they did, it is easy to rebuild quicker. When they decided to rebuild, they still had a decent team. When we decided to rebuild, we had scraps.
  21. Do we really need another of these types.
  22. Is it conceivable to say we could land Rossi and Stutzle with our top 2 picks? Or do you see them going for a D with a pick?
  23. right now - I would say the Coyotes have a very good shot at missing the playoffs. Their next 10 is brutal.
  24. Elias scored an OT goal once in our retros. He wore the Irish hat when he came out as the # 1 star!
  25. My sloth like behavior in changing my name would not be necessary! Remember who called the firing of Hynes before the season!
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