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  1. What made this season awful was the lack of hope I had that they would ever turn it around and be competitive. Seeing Elias walk away was just a book end to an era that is clearly gone.
  2. Its said, Brady is at the end, they just cant rely on him anymore to win a game. That intentional grounding flat out cost them the game period. yea our seconary is about as embarassing as any in in NFL in history but wow 17% in red zone with Brady???? Brady in 2001-2007 yea no. The guy just mkes to many mistakes these days. He just makes to many mistakes to cover up for an inept defense.
  3. hooooooooooooolding cowboys = undisciplined
  4. heeeeeeeeere comes the nfl's luckiest team
  5. Tony Romo worst play clock management in all of football.
  6. Witten is just hurting this team, getting tossed aside like nothing by jpp
  7. njdevils783


    Why couldn't that have gone as a doube minor with the league taking a look after the game for suspension. Why the officials felt they should HELP decide the winner is a disgrace to all of sports. WIth that said our PK was putrid after that.
  8. Well that could be a major, thanks Bernier awesome.
  9. God I'm nervous about this one, damn confidence come back already.
  10. And there will be a game 6. What a game, Marty wow. Just wow DEVILS IN 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Honestly which Defensive player isn't giving a heart attack. They've all looked bad, Marty just playing out of his mind again. One more period boys. Keep it up.
  12. Clarktard with another amazing deflection. Some game one redemption.
  13. Lazy defensemen playing the puck instead of the body cost us on that goal. Green and fayne just let him cruise right into the slot untouched is amazing.
  14. Here we go 2nd period. Lets get the 2nd behnd quick and start pulling away. Time to send this bitch back to LA
  15. Marty's stick handling is becoming more and more worrysome as this series goes on
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