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  1. Whatta shock...The Genius' D fails yet again with the game on the line. Who would've guessed? Sorry Bill, sometimes you actually have to coach and not rely on Brady to bail you out for your inability to gameplan.

    Its said, Brady is at the end, they just cant rely on him anymore to win a game. That intentional grounding flat out cost them the game period. yea our seconary is about as embarassing as any in in NFL in history but wow 17% in red zone with Brady???? Brady in 2001-2007 yea no. The guy just mkes to many mistakes these days. He just makes to many mistakes to cover up for an inept defense.

  2. Why couldn't that have gone as a doube minor with the league taking a look after the game for suspension. Why the officials felt they should HELP decide the winner is a disgrace to all of sports.

    WIth that said our PK was putrid after that.

  3. Both fayne and zidlicky are gonna give me a heart attack

    Honestly which Defensive player isn't giving a heart attack. They've all looked bad, Marty just playing out of his mind again.

    One more period boys. Keep it up.

  4. Why would we scratch him when he can still shoot better then 95% of this team. Now with that said he doesnt need to be QB'ing the PP or have to be on the ice so much.

    Limit his ice time especially on the PP. That or can we get Mr. Miyagi to work some magic on his back/groin/leg.

  5. Henrique is just a clutch player. Some guys have it, most dont, he undoubtly does. Glad hes gonna be wearing the red, black, and white for years to come.

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