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  1. Its gotta be a groin, he looks below aveerage at best. Gotta give a hand to the guy for putting forth the effor, may be time for coaching staff to step in though.
  2. Kovy looks just lost out there, if your this hurt sit his ass already. Appreciate the effort but he is giving nothing along the boards and in the defensive end he can't get good push off.
  3. Really just stupid penalties, gotta stay out of the box the rest of the way. Otherwise the boys look really good out there. Two more period bring it home guys!!
  4. Pretty good start, would have loved another goal before the Salvador penalty but what can ya do
  5. haha yep, med school kind of completely consumed the past 2 years of my life but being a month away from graduation I am good. How have you been?
  6. Wow I love this damn team, i woudlnt want it any other way
  7. Well here we go, whose it gonna be 2nd OT. Ill say Gio
  8. If we dont let them score we cant lose!!!
  9. You know the games still on right?
  10. Think my heart stopped 7-8x that OT, and i may not have been breathing the final 3 min. Yea Devils hockey lol
  11. THey get in the zone and get a scoring chance, we by some miracle get across there blue line and the forecheck goes to sh!t
  12. Marty wow MVP A PP in OT for us???? wow the refs woke up
  13. Tough to beat a team when you also have to beat the refs
  14. Pretty much the devils weve come to know and love
  15. Linesman says its deflected but its still a penalty hmmmmmm
  16. Jesus christmas its amazing what the refs can do to a teams momentum
  17. Elias pull the god damn trigger, the fancy crap has gotta stop its not 2000 anymore
  18. geez marty looks strong, damn refs put them right back in this
  19. Henrique flying tonight, came so close on the break.
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