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  1. The camera kid must never have used a camera that wasn't attached to a phone. I miss chico being on tv... they should switch him and ken
  2. Dano talking about the devs now
  3. Honestly not a fan of either.... jusy start whoever is playing well... thats it.
  4. Yes. He's still decent when he plays even after having alot of off time.
  5. Was never a big fan of his, though he is decent at times.. will be the starter once blackwood regresses/gets injured again
  6. Wtf do you guys eat in jersey? Taylor ham, pork rolls? Living on LI I've only seen Taylor ham once in a store buried in a corner.
  7. Waiting for Weekes or Bob to confirm.... if so I couldn't care less if I shoot a 200 later
  8. It's on the great south bay
  9. Started vacation today, get updates before golf and hockey later
  10. Who cares who you vote for... thats irrelevant.
  11. Idk the backstory or anything he did.... he could legit be a douche. But if the whole racist point is bc he liked trump that's a very weak argument, and based on hatred of the guy.
  12. Why, bc he was pro trump?
  13. It's a random guy on Twitter, not what I'd call a reliable source
  14. Rangers then hurricanes on the hate list for me.
  15. bobilly45


    Hes always been good when he's had segmants... hes a peoples person like chico
  16. bobilly45


    Ever since leaving the isles Tavares hasn't made it past the 1st round.. people here are pumped about that (I'm on li). Isles will win the east
  17. There's nothing like going into the city during Christmas time. Forget politics, or whose protesting who, they decorate like it's a full time job. Never go in on the days surrounding New years eve.... pretty much the only people in the city on new yr eve are foreigners on vac, or out of staters... or the cops who make a sh!t ton of ot that night
  18. bobilly45


    If our team doesn't make the playoffs and the islanders do they automatically are my team since I live on LI. Even moreso now that they're the devlanders
  19. bobilly45


    Sorokin > any of our goalies this season.
  20. We officially begin our off-season
  21. Thank God this sh!tfest of a season is over. Gm has a long to do list
  22. Our owners may suck, but no where near as much as the rangers. These are the times where it's fun to be a devils fan in NY. Every family memeber, and friends who are blueskirt fans are baffled by this move. Technically rangers related (and devils since he called a few games) Kenny Albert will be the play by play man for the Stanley cup for the. (Also for NBC this season)
  23. The Stanley cup to nj was great.... but to me nothing beats henrique... its over.. Even better that I watched the game with a bunch of Ranger fans here on LI.
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