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  1. Finally.... starting to wake up..

    The defense as a whole was bad in tbe second, but his second goal was a direct result of him poorly playing the puck.  

    Just package him with someone and ship him off.  Let vv and schmeid run the rest of the season.  

    Vv may not be the answer long term, but he's played well enough to earn a fair shot at it.


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  2. 7 hours ago, MB3 said:

    wanna know something funny? 

    this was the head official’s third ever nhl game. 



    he was born in toronto haahhhhhhahaaahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa

    2 of those 3 non goalie calls were actually correct. First one was also borderline correct, but it was a very weak call. 

    You cant run into the goalie in the trapezoid and expect that goal to count. It's auto interference and the correct non penalty call was made.   The 3rd was also very obvious after the first replay showed it went into the net without touching the othe devils stick.  Thought everyone knew that rule.  

    As a goalie I'm arguing for that first call all day if there's review in my leagues. I don't actually expect to win it, but it is what it is. 

    The "fans" throwing sh!t onto the rink was really classless imo.  We may not like the calls, but that's just acting like a$$holes.  



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