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  1. A righty goalies first instict is to shoot that way (as you're shooting as a lefty opposed to a righty) Not the right play though
  2. And blackwood is injured AGAIN.. It's over for him.
  3. Looks like our goalie didn't even make an attempt there.
  4. Goalies, most important players on the rink.
  5. Their goalie is coming up clutch... for whoever said he hasn't made any big saves.
  6. The other team will know his weakness, cheats, "tells", so that makes sense. On the flip side, us goalies know the plays, shot strength and tendency, and their "tells". Disadvantage for the goalie of they are a butterfly goalie. Advantage if they are a hybrid, as they can make a similar save using different moves making it more unpredictable for the shooters.
  7. Only saw the first goal against and the 5th.. 1st one imo was a result of having horrible positioning when the puck is behind the net.. 5th goal he was screened. Either way blackwood was coming back down to earth once teams got more then 20 shots on him.
  8. Most of those at the end were wide. Not taking anything away, but they were. And it was a good thing.
  9. They can start by making the stream less leggy and jumpy.
  10. Why does the announcer keep calling him wood.
  11. Hes a legit top 3 goalie imo, along with Igor. Wish we had either of them.
  12. Just keep the puck away from the goalie... Watch the 3rd shot go in an well trail 1-0 with a last second goal against
  13. Agree... you don't fvck up a good thing. Heck, I even like the Christmas jerseys.
  14. Just waiting to have wonder bread sponsor us on these retro nights.
  15. My roller hockey jerseys look better then this crap.. Islanders imo is the best one, and the rangers liberty one is nice as well. But whatever, I also hate the black jerseys. Not sure why our everyday jersey was even modified, but it is what it is.
  16. I like that one, reminds me of going to the coliseum as a kid.
  17. Yeah, realized after I hit enter but the light turned
  18. Hate him or not, lou would never have approved the stupid jerseys these owners are ok with. Wonder if wonder is a secret sponsor of the jersey. Same color scheme. Isn't Colorado also going with the scouts as well?
  19. Blackwood and the devils with a big break there
  20. They started blackwood.. right away that's reason to be upset.
  21. No he wasn't. He's in the crease...it is the correct call
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