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  1. Nah, more concerned of getting us to vote and ONLY buy black.
  2. Longer this goes on, the more Fitz is on the hook (or should be if we had owners that cared)
  3. Hes garbage... Def shouldn't be on the team
  4. Yea, that one isn't totally on blackwood. He was screened... That said his positioning sucked.
  5. This is how they look after a "hard practice".
  6. This is what makes me mad at management. Worry about your hockey team that has sucked for a decade, and our coach who is a fvcking moron. Instead of worrying about that theyre more worried about you voting. It's bullsh!t
  7. First miles, now nico speaking up. Every goalie has been worse as a result of the "system" in place (even blackwood would be better). Or as nico said, "confusion on the ice". That's unacceptable at the nhl level (hell, any level it's unacceptable) Is it Jack's turn next game to be critical?
  8. Eh, I'd give vanecek a bit more slack as the new guy here. Blackwood gets 0, he sucked last year, sucked in game 1. It's over, close the blinds on him. He was always cory 2.0, esp once he got injured. Bernier was always the better goalie out of blackwood, daws, and the ahl guys. Sucks that he's injured as I wouldve rolled van and Bernier. As mentioned before, we'll never win with blackwood, and definitely not with ruff
  9. If Fitz does nothing ownership needs to make a change.
  10. Ask lindy himself. Ask him why he hasnt changed his game plan in 3 years, why he benches people to play less skilled players.. grill him like a reporter is supposed to do.
  11. Our owners don't give a sh!t... they only got him bc he was cheap. They had better options but they were too much.
  12. Wish we had a reporter with balls to ask when lindy will be fired.
  13. We barely even chant let's go devils... very audible on tv fire lindy
  14. You have the same coach who is awful, and the same owners who don't give a sh!t about this team.
  15. I like both ny teams jerseys.... these owners have produced hideous jerseys.
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