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  1. If they didn't change I really wouldn't mind. As it is, it reminds me of soccer
  2. The coliseum used to be the same way, esp in the upper level.
  3. He mouthed something about booing him Send him to unemployment
  4. Really isn't limited to the yankees... mets fans booed max after a bad start. I love NY fans, best fans around (100% bias at play, not sorry). Running the city marathon was by far the best experience mainly because of the millions of New Yorkers who came out to watch, and cheer. Most had their name on their shirt and we'd get personal chants as well. It was super loud from start to finish and 100% amazing to be in. Only New Yorkers could do this, make it seem like a 26.2 mile block party.
  5. Hopefully coach dumbass doesn't start blackwood.
  6. It's "the rush" so you can hear what it's like to be at the game
  7. We won't win anything with blackwood or Ruff. Said this last year, and standby it.
  8. Going to be a very long season if we play like this.
  9. You just blame the defense for everything...like you have a hard on for blackwood.
  10. 1st one was all on him. 2nd screen, not his fault. 3rd, good shot...but way to deep in the net, horrible angle. No attack by blackwood there. He needs to be the backup if this team wants any shot at being successful
  11. Not sure why he's starting when the other guys better.
  12. Blackwood sucks. We won't win with him.. He should not be the starter
  13. Here's to a better season then the last few.
  14. Maybe with blink 182 coming back on tour, the devils will also come back to the playoffs. Last time blink was popular was late 90s early 2000s during our playoff streak, and also won some cups.. let's do that again. Also let's have a pissed off uncle Steve go to town on making the mets better.
  15. This may backfire for MLS. Most casual people may randomly find it on tv and leave it on. No casual fan, random person is downloading Apple TV, and paying just to watch soccer..
  16. I see blackwood still sucks... the puck shot right at him goes in. He should not be the starter
  17. They already do this on the glass, and above the blue lines. Some ads on the boards have even been digital for isles, just appearing green or blue in person. I assume this helps make up for the lost money during the covid year
  18. I hate the rangers, but he is better then our goalies.
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