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  1. looks like someone didnt pay their cable bill
  2. if nothing else, this is a chance for weeks to get 2 wins during this stretch (if he plays 2 or more games) to win his 100th game. i think weeks will be fine
  3. i listened to literally the last 30 seconds of docs interview, however i thought it was nice of the host of the program to give u a shout out, b.c u gave him suggestions of topics
  4. i think they said that the shutout wont count for brodeur or weeks/ since they didnt play all 60 mins. however brodeur will still get a win, since he was on the ice when the winning goal occured
  5. what a bunch of as holes. phuck phillie,
  6. im lucky, i got him in both of mine
  7. yea, i threw in the towel for this season. on paper they have the easiest september playing teams below .500, braves, nationals, and the marlins (they might be slightly above .500) and next season there gonna be playing against many of these teams that they did this year. i dont think they should give minaya a contract extension, although they prob will, since he was the head guy in the choke last yr and most likely this year(no it was not willie, although i didnt like some of the things he did, and its not manuel this yr, its the players) . the whole bullpen needs to go, heilman 1st, th
  8. bobilly45

    Steve Cangelosi

    for anyone that hates cangelosi, hes annoying, doc is doing the game on wednesday, but prob wont do it on friday as thats been the schedule all season, doc doesnt call a game the day b4 he goes on nbc. unless nbc doesnt have a game on saturday, - if thats the case doc will be on msg+ on friday
  9. plus its another game we have to listen to cangelosi (whos not bad) but doc is still the best ever (in ALL sports) (then comes the mets trio of announcers gary,ron and keith) -cant wait to hear what suzy (RODGER CLEMMENS) waldman, yankees "so called radio announcer" is going to say this season
  10. in 2nights game vs the wild, doc thought he herd a whistle in the 2nd period during the play, but play continued, and later when the play died down doc said something like this "i thought i herd a whistle, but maybe it was just a loud scream, Chico any of your relatives here tonight?" one of his best quotes all year.
  11. stans not as bad as piere mcguire (spelling) on nbc, who always talks in the middle of plays, i really dont mind him being on the devils games, esp when he does the stanta claus bit, those are so stupid that its funny.
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