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  1. Really wish nothing happens to piss you and a few other entitled ones who need/demand updates on shero hourly both here and on the minor league hf boards
  2. Pretty sure he does have a plan.. Though part of me just wants him to do nothing (which wouldn't be the worst thing, esp with all the kids still improving) just to watch most here go insane
  3. Really. Dont be jealous that you dont live here where its 1000x better then dirty jersey... also have lived here for 31 years, total mullets seen (after early 90s) 1, and that person was from NJ.
  4. From a business perspective its the right move. Why overpay when you can take advantage of teams with cap problems and get decent/good players that way. Instead of dealing with 30 other bidders, you're dealing with a small handful which both increases your odds of landing the player and doesn't artificially raise their value with a bidding war. Trust the process.... but if people want to lose their minds and freak out ala Twitter, hfboards, or Facebook go ahead.... it will change nothing
  5. Whoever called you entitled was correct. A gm doesnt need to be tweeting his next moves or have a presser about it bc certain people are upset we got nothing in 3 days... He could've been outbid, maybe doesnt want to spend much as to save room for halls massive contact next off season, and nico a yr or 2 later. He owes the team and fans to make the team better and I'm sure he'll get it done over the offseason Despite you and other negative posters on hfboards saying its game over.
  6. Martin was decent on the islanders and a fan favorite.... actually makes sense
  7. Idc what you're upset at....it won't change anything if we weren't interested in both....could be just interested in 1 or could be none. I'm sure shero has a plan of what to do and will do so when the time is right.
  8. Final roster isnt made in july... I'm pretty sure shero will do something between now and October. I'd rather him make trades then make a pick on July 1 just because some fans are unhappy about not getting any of the big names.
  9. I'd rather keep kk and trade a healthy cory... kk has far more upside
  10. I remember reading he was upset with being traded when he first heard.
  11. Wonder if your thoughts changed on this trade
  12. How is it disappointing... he just might not want to play for the devils.... no biggie.
  13. Never expected to get either, doesn't seem like a thing the gm does. Not disappointed in the least in something that doesn't really kick off until July 1. I'd rather him not overspend on them and give that money to hall (if tavares has an offer of 11mil on the table already, I expect hall to get more). I think he's doing fine so far
  14. Yes. They're playing 20 games this season at the Coliseum, including 1 game against the devils.
  15. I truly think kk will continue to improve as a starter, but wouldn't do this move this yr.... maybe next season depending how things go this yr
  16. I think firing weight as coach is a negative for jt... I think they had a really close relationship
  17. She Also had a bunch of posts about the new rangers coach... I unfollowed as don't need Twitter clogged with mets, arguing with fans, and her whining about how nyc is different from la..making fun of us in ny for eating lunch in a park during a workday and not working out. Never read one of her articles, and have no inclination to do so.
  18. Depends on the types of shots let in... I didn't see the game so Idk how he was beat. If it was like the perfect deflections,tips he let up in the playoffs that's fine, it's no big deal as he had 0 chance. Some just look at the numbers of goals and shot and just say he sucks. Goalie stats don't tell you anything about how well a goalie is
  19. You're very wrong about the position. I play goalie, just like the guy you're arguing with. Have you ever played the position? If not, then you can't say what a goalie should or shouldn't do as you don't have 1st hand experience. Goalie stats imo are pointless, I never look at them. How many of those goals in the playoff games did kk have a chance on...1, maybe 2. Most were deflections, perfect passes to guys left open by the defense, and many times kk was so screened you couldn't see him from the replay looking towards his net. The pull wasn't a reflection on kk, it was bc the team su
  20. I mean how many stoppable goals did he let in... maybe 1. The only thing kk didn't do was rob any of those games as that's the only way they were going to win. Id have to imagine in future playoffs games he gets better...
  21. Prob have a better chance at the trapazoid being removed then seeing that. As a goalie you can't play with any loose or broken strap as the helmet becomes loose and moves around, thus providing less protection and becomes a liability for the goalie. Now if you did that on a breakaway, having not faced a shot in a while you'd prob get a delay of game.
  22. Personally I don't like Schneiders quote of saying "i was a big reason why were were in the position we were". Maybe bc I play the position and would never say anything like that, instead always credit the team in front of me. That line sounds like he's putting himself above the offense and D, which imo is something a goalie should never do. he was bailed out big time by the offense that was scoring alot early on this season which hid the one or 2 weak ones per game (on average). Once the offense slumped by Christmas he was exposed and "slumped", even though he was playing the same
  23. Cory wants to go, but has no invite
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