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  1. She's so bad, they have other good female reporters, yet give her so much air time.. she's very annoying on Twitter as well
  2. That's kinda morbid. He most likely will be around.
  3. Will be interesting to see if my source from inside the rangers are correct about Gaudreau. He spoke with Gaudreau at the end of last season, so this decision was not recently made. His main target is jersey, not nyr, and Hughes is a big reason I play hockey with the source and have know him for 10 years.
  4. That's one off my wishlist.
  5. If we gaudreau, a legit goalie, and can offload zacha,pk... that's the hail Mary win.
  6. We won't go anywhere as long as blackwood or Ruff are here. Hes barely an avg goalie, and very injury prone. Groin injuries for butterfly goalies are the kiss of death (ask cory, dipietro,and that's just the local list)
  7. I'll trust the people whose job it was to watch these guys. We need the most amount of help on defense and in net. (Hoping we can get a starter from a trade, or fa.)
  8. I mean if you were getting paid his money, you def would be happy. Horrible "acting" though, all these are cringeworthy at best.
  9. Since soccer is going to be all on apple TV next year, I wonder if Steve will be their pbp guy. You kidding? This is horrible.
  10. I think Igor will score at least 1 goal before his career ends.... he's brodeur level at puck handling, passing and shooting. I'll trade him scoring 3 for a cup
  11. They'll be decent next year. Hopefully we can figure out how to play defense, score on powerplays, and not give up many shorties (aka hockey 101). Having a goalie who actually knows how to play helps... Hope the look at lehner. He's decent, and can always live here on the island which he loves.
  12. Yeah, no... he's actually very good... so is sorokin on the isles. We are stuck with fvcking cory 2.0 in net. Both of those goalies will put up much career numbers then useless blackwood..
  13. Nope, def the family condones douchy behavior if the comment is well pick him up, and tomorrow's a new day. Sad! I live in NY and all rangers fans that I know are normal people.
  14. Also banned from all other MSG venues, ex radio city music hall. They own alot of popular places
  15. He was arrested by a cop who is a big isles fan. I'm sure he was pumped to slap the cuffs on him, and trash the rangers while the lowlife was in cuffs.
  16. Really don't want to see blackwood, or any or our goalies back on the team. Daws isn't nhl ready yet
  17. I hate when goalies do the windmill, like Igor did, for a simple save. There's no reason for it. Catch the puck, hold for face off and thats it. Maybe it irks me bc I don't do that as a goalie and think it's Bush league.
  18. I dont find this odd at all, and willing to be your motives are 100% wrong. 1. HE STILL WORKS FOR MSG, so they clearly have no issues and he's happy working for them, and still has a major gig in the tri state area. 2. He didn't get a better offer... after 11 years of doing both soccer and hockey with no off-season, it gets tough on the family. It's been mentioned that he has days worth of soccer and hockey on the dvr that he needs to watch to prepare. 3. Doesn't appear to be internal issues. Prob the wife would like to see him more, and soccer is his true passion, and an easier travel schedule. It's that simple. Doc had similar issues, but unlike Steve he didn't call soccer and had an off-season to spend with his wife.
  19. yea, we were a spoiled bunch. Not only on ice, but Gary Thorne AND doc emrick graced the booth. And the greatest to ever wear a rug on his head, chico. Now if only Steve Cohen was a devils fan....
  20. I'm guessing msg knew about this as the islanders had guest pbp men for the last game or 2. Not sure who they were, but wouldn't be shocked if it's one of them. I think Thorne retired from hockey
  21. Being from NY the way 98% of sport fans break down are; Islanders/mets/jets Rangers/yanks/ giants Most li devils fans I know, including myself, are mets and jets fans. Yankee fan base sucks bc they're mostly rangers fans.
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