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  1. We can still win this..... but, Whatever happens this game we still exceeded all expectations this year, and most importantly gave valuable playoff experience to half the team. Make a few changes in the off-season and get back at it this season.
  2. The goalie getting paid 6 mil has played poorly after Dec both this yr and last yr. There is not 1 goal that was weak or soft that kk let in... better d and he gets at least 1 win. Think they'll win tonight, regardless of goalie... taking the over on cs letting in 1 weak goal.
  3. For kk... Maybe 1 goal in 2 games was stoppable. Most were either perfect tips or our d blowing their coverage (And actually scoring against him today) Did make good though saves in each (more in game 1). For cs.... came in and didn't allow a goal. Has a bit of confidence following his performance. Tough call, but imo you stick with kk. Cs came in and kept them scoreless but was also had 0 pressure on him. Kk has been beaten by the perfect plays (And with Tampa that's alot if you don't cover people). Going back to kk would be a big sign the organization doesn't
  4. Ok, showing some edge... Good signs for game 3 at home. Win 2 and we're in this
  5. Stick to the back of the head really hurts....cant fault him for staying down.
  6. It's not like kk had a shot on any of those goals, and none were weak. I'd go back to kk at home.
  7. Feel bad for kk.... guy gets no help for 2 games
  8. If you take away the first period of nerves for most of the devils, it was a pretty even game. Take this one and go back to nj tied at 1....
  9. The game off he had in Washington he was sitting in the nosebleeds with his gf instead if sitting in the box with the rest of the scratches.
  10. Coach hynes...made the tough call of sticking with kk after cory was back. That imo was the biggest and best decision he's made this year.
  11. They played the caps 4 times this year... 3 of those times cory started. In 2 games he gave up 5, and in one game gave up 4.....lost all 3. Kk played them once, gave up 3.... won.
  12. Save % is a useless stat. Cory has always been average (maybe 1 above avg season for us).... he got bailed out big time in Oct when the team constantly put up 3 or more.... and he gave up 2 or 3 (1 very weak goal a game on avg). Once our offense cooled down and struggled, the real cory was exposed. He was bad prior to injury, and even worse after. For 2 seasons now come Dec cory has regressed, and if not for our coach doing the smart thing in riding kk, this would've been our 2nd season in a row being in a playoff spot at Christmas, only to fail to make it at the end.
  13. Washington's also going easy.... he had many chances to prove something... and has failed since december
  14. Might happen next season.... and if it did it still wouldn't change my mind in going kk for the playoffs
  15. To be fair that's an insanely hard goal to achieve.. Dare I say mission impossable
  16. The second goal though is alot harder to stop then it looked.... there's no way kk thought wood was going to pass back to the ranger in front of the net...as a goalie its hard to get set in a split second when you're expecting the puck to be cleared.
  17. You could see glimpses of good in him since he first played, but was always struggling with consistency. Seems with cs going down, he's learned to handle a starters load, be more consistent, and gain a ton of confidence (both on and off the ice). To put things in perspective kk has 24 wins, 10 losses and 3 otl in just 36 games started this season. In Corys best season win wise in 2015 he had 27 wins, 25 losses, and 6 otl in 56 games started.. If he plays all and wins out ( which I think cory might get the last game) he would tie cs with 27 wins in 39 games, or 17 less
  18. I think you're just looking for a problem.... really isn't there. It used to be an issue for him early him which has been corrected.
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