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  1. I feel owned...I've been buying flex plans for the past few years and decided to do the full season this year.. My frozen over prize was a behind the scenes tour with Grant Marshall. It was pretty cool, but it really wssnt a prize at all for paying in full by a certain date. I probably couldve convinced them to give me this tour if I didnt purchase the whole season. Not complaining because I still wouldve paid up front regardless
  2. feels a bit weird wanting the flyers to win, doesn't it? lol
  3. I think Bettman would raise that bad boy himself with a great big smile on his face...
  4. Imagine winning the cup with no captian....
  5. Its definately been a crazy season for sure. They look unstoppable right now. You would think that they could only get better if Zach comes back, but I guess we'll find out...
  6. After one too many blue moons, I just realized how ironic my typo from earlier was. What a Hell of a win tonight by the way lol
  7. Do u really think I would expect him to tell me he doesnt want to be a devil next year? Lol. Figured I would spread the same bs he fed me for the moment
  8. Was talking to zach tonight in Clifton. He'll be skating in 2 weeks apparently. And he wants to be a Xevil next year .....
  9. If anyone wants to meet me in the edison area for these tickets, let me know. $50
  10. I have my parking pass for this saturdays game (11/27) against the Flyers available. This pass is for lots 6, 7, and 8. pm if interested. Asking a whopping ten bucks...
  11. rdevils128

    Koval CHOKE!

    I heard that one of our classy fans tossed their Kovi jersey on the ice after his attempt...
  12. Its a one time fee of $60, plus $60 a year on top of registration fees. Customizing is another $50. I think that is a one time fee. Keep in mind, this is for the Nascar plates. I don't see why these would be any different... http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/Vehicle/SportsPlates.htm
  13. If these plates are like the Nascar plates, they'll be $60 a year on top of regular registration fees....
  14. That was my spot last year. The owner Mike, was pretty cool and I couldn't believe how good the food was considering it was nothing special. Plus the price was great.... I couldn't believe it when I saw that they were shot down on opening night. That sucks, they had only opened a little over a year ago.. Does anyone know the story about someone being murdered there?
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