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  1. The tide is turned. The pressure is on the Kings. LGD
  2. Make or Break, no doubt about it.
  3. How do I exactly go about getting one? All I see on our store is this. Which is fugly.
  4. theamazingtiny


    I can't find any...
  5. The pressure is all on the rags and by that I mean our forecheck. Win.
  6. It isn't just goaltending look at both teams PP/PKs our lack of production there has hurt us this series.
  7. Always one of these guys after one of these losses.
  8. quick there's a club seat available someone loan me 800 bucks...
  9. theamazingtiny

    Read. Discuss.

    I keep forgetting the simple-minded still think more goals = more exciting. Can't wait for the articles demanding goalie leg pads and catching/block gloves be removed from the game. C'MON ALREADY WE WANT GOALS!
  10. nomnomnom delicious crow. Cosigned.
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