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    Marty has 6 shutouts , a 1.56 goals against, by far the best player in the Ottawa series, without Marty the Devils aren't where they are right now, when they wrap it up tomorrow he gets the smythe.
  2. All the 2 on 1's and no goals, not one time that I can remember did the Devils get jiggy moving side to side on a 2 on 1, they were taking the shots from outside the circles and he stopped all of them. They have to get the puck down low on him and get him moving. Heck, maybe for once the guy with the puck could maybe pass on a 2 on 1.
  3. Elias has to step up in this game and be the man, if he doesn't I think he should be held most accountable for the flop. They made such a big deal about him and his leadership role before the season started, and he accepted the responsibility and said he was ready. To this point he has shown that he is no leader and that he does not have the ability to put the team on his back carry them. It's gutcheck time for Patrik Elias.
  4. Devils101


    Dano should be up in the booth with Doc next year, and chico should be somewhere else.
  5. This exactly what I'm thinking, I was at the AHL eastern conference final game 4 in Binghamton and some fans who made the roadie from Hamilton decked out Bulldog gear which was cool, but when I looked over and saw the Canadian flag it irked me. Now I didn't go and saying anything because I'm all for supporting your team, but to me flaunting the flag was just asking for some trouble. Why the need for the flag? They had a bulldog flag too but that was cool.
  6. I like Dano, but the guys played 2 seasons too many, he's too slow to play against Ottawa.
  7. Madden shouldn't be commenting on Marty's personal happenings in his press conference.
  8. EASTERN CONFERENCE Conference Quarterfinals OTTAWA def. NY Islanders 4-2 NEW JERSEY def. Boston 4-1 TAMPA BAY def. Washington 4-1 TORONTO def. Philadelphia 4-2 Conference Semifinals TORONTO def. Ottawa 4-2 NEW JERSEY def. Tampa Bay 4-2 Conference Finals NEW JERSEY def. Toronto 4-2 WESTERN CONFERENCE Conference Quarterfinals DALLAS def. Edmonton 4-2 ANAHIEM def. Detroit 4-3 COLORADO def. Minnesota 4-2 VANCOUVER def. St. Louis 4-2 Conference Semifinals DALLAS def. Anaheim 4-3 Colorado def. Vancouver 4-2 Conference Finals Dallas def. Colorado 4-3 STANLEY CUP FINALS NEW JERSEY def. Dallas 4-2
  9. I hope the Isles win just so we have an easy 2nd round opponent after the physical 1st round were going to have. A Isle win is possible but not overwhelmingly as this goof has it.
  10. The Pens are headed for the #1 pick this year, rumor has it the kid is in the mold of Illya Kovalchuk, they already have some very good young talent, they'll be a team to reckoned with in the future. The lockout won't hurt their case at all since all their players will be able to play in the minor during the time the NHL shuts down. Atlanta on the other hand is going to be a real force in this league and will probably contend for the cup in two years.
  11. Tivo saved the game on a puck that was going into the net after Marty swatted the puck up in the air with his glove, he played a very good game and was awesome on the PP SC mentioned.
  12. Devils101

    Game Thread

    That metro blast was classic, lol. Gomer rocks!
  13. Devils101

    Game Thread

    Tivo saves a goal
  14. I can't remember a play specifically where Tivo has given up the puck that has resulted in a goal against, and actually in his last game in Boston he played very well he jumped into the play when he had the chance and got back into defensive posistion when the puck was turned over. I'm beginning to believe Burns has something against offense.
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