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  1. Looking for a Sarge jersey. Also a Rafalski. Thanks.
  2. Havent posted in this thread since we were good... lol. Gotta sign Mo, Snacks, and let Harris walk.
  3. Stop.. You've embarrassed yourself.
  4. Gonna miss the guy, but I like the deal/trade.
  5. SHould have gotten Semin a few years ago..
  6. I thought we fired DeBoer? Tim Sestito was called up for tonight....
  7. UGH. I may be there to witness this garbage.
  8. Kowalsky time! But seriously, it needed to be done, but Petey is reaping what Lou fvcked up..
  9. I fvcking hate this guy and can't understand why he's still here and always gets called up.. He's a waste of space and time and effort..
  10. He seemed miserable all summer. He and his family are members at the pool club I work at.. I got to see him almost every week/every other week of the summer.. Nice guy, absolutely, but he seemed worried all summer... I don't know..
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