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  1. Looking for a Sarge jersey. Also a Rafalski. Thanks.
  2. Havent posted in this thread since we were good... lol. Gotta sign Mo, Snacks, and let Harris walk.
  3. Stop.. You've embarrassed yourself.
  4. Gonna miss the guy, but I like the deal/trade.
  5. SHould have gotten Semin a few years ago..
  6. I thought we fired DeBoer? Tim Sestito was called up for tonight....
  7. UGH. I may be there to witness this garbage.
  8. Kowalsky time! But seriously, it needed to be done, but Petey is reaping what Lou fvcked up..
  9. I fvcking hate this guy and can't understand why he's still here and always gets called up.. He's a waste of space and time and effort..
  10. He seemed miserable all summer. He and his family are members at the pool club I work at.. I got to see him almost every week/every other week of the summer.. Nice guy, absolutely, but he seemed worried all summer... I don't know..
  11. Scotty was my favorite Devils player (other than Marty) for a long time. It was the first jersey I had as a kid (i'm 23). I don't have it anymore.. BUT I'm not sure this is a good idea. The guy just doesn't seem to have it anymore.
  12. LOVE the signing, but don't like the 5 years, either. If he can produce, it'll be fine.
  13. Good move. A year too late IMHO. Thanks for the time, A-Train!
  14. Spent the week in Miami. Was in a Hooters after going to the Marlins/Pirates game, and caught most of the 3rd and both OTs. Me and my 5 other friends went absolutely nuts that the Floridians were cheering with us and celebrating. Who would have thought they hate the Rangers too.
  15. I PRAY FOR A LAK SWEEP!!! But, realistically, I don't know about this series, you guys..... Could go either way. I hope the size factor that favors the Kings is the key, just like it was against us a few years ago. fvck THE RANGERS!!!!
  16. I have an awful feeling the Rags are going to be playing in June.
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